The Unexpected Turn

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The Unexpected Turn

By: Sandy Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Kincaid was servant in the Wood's house. He was humiliated, tortured and was falsely accused. He was sent to prison for a crime he didn't commit. Kincaid who had never known his father almost gave up on his life. The master of the Wood family return and searched for his lost son. Who would have thought that Kincaid would be his long lost son. Would Mrs. Wood the wife of Mr. Wood accept this fact, would Fredrick the step son of Mr. Wood accept this result. Who framed Kincaid and sent him to jail.


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Chapter 1 Kincaid Bruce
“Kincaid Bruce, why are you late again, do you think the house belong to your parents? The butler barked at him and hit his head with the long broom he was holding. “Sorry sir, I was stuck in traffic,” he hanged his head low and mumbled softly. He was in pain because the butler hit him with force but who was he to complain. That is what he has been going through ever since he became a servant. Pain, torture, humiliation. He is always treated like a slave. He wasn’t the only servant in the house but the other servants were treated well except him. Sometimes he wondered what he had clearly done wrong to be treated in such a way.“That has been your excuse everyday. Are you the only person who lives afar. You are a man and for Christ’s sake you should be a little bit useful. Hurry up and feed the dogs.” The butler roared and Kincaid hurriedly went to do his work. After Kincaid was done feeding the dogs, he went upstairs to clean his mistress’s son room.“I haven’t seen Jocelyne today
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Chapter 2 Go and bail him
“Very good, next time you wouldn’t mess with me. How dare a mere servant challenge and insult me? My soul is at peace as I have finally gotten the chance to punish you.” Fredrick grinned evilly as he watched Kincaid been taken to the police station. “Sir, I know nothing about the money? Please believe me.” Kincaid pleaded with the police.“Young man, I would advise you to shut up before things become worse. You are the last person who entered the room, so you are the prime suspect. Pray your savior will come to your rescue or else you will rot here. ”The police officer said sternly. Kincaid shut his mouth and didn’t talk again. He knew nothing would convince them. He prays his helper finds him.…….At the Wood mansion……“Frederick, you know your father would be coming very soon. Please try to be discipline and put on your best behavior. It’s time to choose an heir for this family and I want you, my only son to be the heir. So please, don’t go out to play with your friends nor don’t
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Chapter 3 Am sorry Sir
“I will make sure you suffer in jail, every blessed day would be like hell for you. You will wish death to come fir but it be very far from you. “ Fredrick said with an evil grin and called a strange number. “I want you to make that idiot suffer in prison. I want him to be torture every day. Don’t worry, the Wood family will take responsibilities if anything is to happen to him but make sure he doesn’t lose his miserable life.”“Ok sir,” The person on the end said hanged up“Kincaid, welcome to the land of hell, hahhaa,” He smiled happily and took his car keys to go out with his friends. ….At the interrogation room…Kincaid sat on the chair with his hands cuffed. His face was full of bruises. “When did interrogators start interrogating their suspects,” he asked the interrogator.“Anybody can change the law as far as there is power.” The man said“Now tell me where is the money?” The interrogator said.“I didn’t take it, I saw nothing in the room when I got there.”“You are lying,
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Chapter 4 I won't be your puppet
“So you people knew all along I didn’t take the money or what? I mean I don’t get it.” He asked furiously.“Sir, we didn’t know whether you took the money or not. We were only instructed to lock you here regardless of what you will say. It wasn’t our fault sir, we were only following instructions.” Another prison officer said hoping he would understand him.“Oh! You lack humanity. How many lives have you guys destroyed just because of your selfish gains. How many people had suffered just because of your selfishness. I am sure you clearly know I didn’t take the money, but you chose to pay a blind eye to it and locked me here. Just because I am nobody and poor. Poor people deserve justice, why does the world revolves only around the rich. If I make it one day, I will make sure you are all fired.” Tears welled up in his as he spoke, but he refused to let them flow. He is a man, and he needs to grow strong. “You don’t need to be rich young master, you are already rich. You can do anythin
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Chapter 5 I didn't take it
“Sir, what do you we do? He is gone.” The butler asked him with a worried tone. “Just leave him, he will come back when the time comes.”“Ok, sir, is there something I should do?”“No, let him be, he has to see the reality of life.”Kincaid was furious. He couldn’t believe this cunning old fox wanted him to be his pawn. “Why should I be your successor, you abandoned me when you didn’t need me and now you want me back when you want someone to be your successor. Do you think I am a disposable spoon that you can use and dump it anyhow?” He said furiously as he was walking. He decided not to return to the Wood's villa again but would rather find a different job.One Sunday morning, Kincaid was enjoying his sleep and he didn’t want to wake up. Suddenly, his phone started ringing. “Who is calling this early morning. He said with a sleepy voice and faced the other side. The phone rang again, and he decided to cover his ears with bed spread. He didn’t want to wake from this beautiful s
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Chapter 6 Do you know who he is
“You will have to bring what you stole, you thief?” The clerk yelled at him.“I haven’t taken any money, why are you calling me a thief.” “I saw him, he stole the item.” A strange man who was beside Kincaid all this while suddenly said. “Did you really see it?” The clerk asked.“Yes, I saw him took. He is a thief, I tried to stop him but he was already gone.”He tried to explain but he wasn’t given a chance ad was beating. “What is going on?” The manager who was watching everything from the CCTV camera came down and inquired. “Sir, this young man stole something from the shop and has refused to return it.”The manager scrutinized Kincaid who wore cheap clothes and looks haggard. He drew his conclusion and said sternly, “ Young man, you better bring the thing you have taken or else you will be sent to the police station.”“But, sir, I haven’t taken….“Shut up, you better return the item, do you think the machine will lie by sending us that alarm.”He cut him off. Kincaid who di
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Chapter 7 Drive him away
Kincaid drove to Mr. Wood's villa. Since he has always been there, he wasn't surprised. "Now I have come to fulfill my promise," He said to him. "You are a man of your word, you are a truly a Wood descendant." Mr. Wood said and nodded his head."Now, you will undergo some training so would know how to manage a company. A man needs to have money with him, take this card, I will send you more every month. Keep it and and build yourself up. A man is his money."Mr. Wood said and put the card on the table. Kincaid didn't reject it this time, since he has promised to be the heir, he will needs money to build himself up. He talked to him a for a while and left to book a hotel. He couldn't stay in that uncompleted building again. Kincaid went to meet Mr. Wood, he gave him a sum two billion dollars. He was glad and very happy. Its seems now he is a billionaire. He can do what ever he wants with the money. He walked to the most expensive hotel.“I am now a billionaire, I need to act like
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Chapter 8 Can you afford it?
After the incident in the hotel, Fredrick stayed there for two weeks and decided to move to a different apartment. His father had been sending him money every week. He didn’t lack money. He eats whatever he likes and does what ever he wants. He was also going on training on how to manage a company. Life has been good to him that sometimes he feels like it is a dream. Up till now, he still doesn’t believe he is rich.“I guess it’s time to get my own car.” He said to himself. ….At the car shop…“Have you made any sales today? “ A female attendant ask her college.“No, it has been tougher today, I am waiting for someone to buy the new Benz.” The male attendant replied.“That is what we are all waiting for, it would be great if the car is sold in my hands, I need money to take my girlfriend out today. Another said.Anyway let’s hope we will make sales today or else boss wouldn’t be happy.”“Good day please,” Kincaid greeted them.“Good day sir,” the male attendant said with a smile whi
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Chapter 9 He is the boss
After the man left, the manager came down. “Boss, sorry for the delay.” Shortly“No problem, it was very interesting.” Kincaid put his hands in pockets ad said with a grin.“Boss?”“Boss!” The attendants said in unison.“Who is the boss here.” The female attendant asked with a shaken heart.He isn’t the boss right?“Oh sorry, I didn’t introduce our new boss to you. This Mr. Kincaid Bruce, the new owner of the company. He came to checked on how far the company is. I hoped you all enjoyed his company.” The manager declared.“Sir, you are joking right? How can he be the boss? just look at his clothes, does he look like someone who owns a company?” The female attendant stubbornly said. He refused to believe what the manager said. How can this low life be the boss. Does it make sense?” The female attendant said mockingly.“Do I look like I am joking?” The manager asked sternly.“…no sir, it’s just that?”“It just that what?” The manager cut her off. “You didn’t expect me to be the
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Chapter 10 Who is he
It’s bee a week and everywhere was cool, Kincaid accepted the reality and started living his life as a rich person. He started building connections and started going to events. Mr. Wood did very well and arranged Kincaid to meet prominent figures. Today is Friday, Mr. Brown from a third tier family is throwing a party. He invited all prominent figure and all young masters. “Mother, I have been invited to Mr. Brown's birthday party. Help me choose a nice suit.” Frederick said happily to his mother. “Very good, this a good sign. He is part of the shareholders who has a saying the Wood’s company. You need to build a strong connection with him so he can backed you up when you need him.”“You are right mother, I will do as you have said.”“I heard he has a daughter. It would be great if you could be his boyfriend.”“That is a great idea mother, but I heard she is difficult to approach. Anyway believe in your son. He will make her fall for him. What do you think about this suit.”“I thin
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