War Hero on the Thunder

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War Hero on the Thunder

By: Emperor No. 9 OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Six years ago, the heir of House Xavier fled. He lost everything. Now, he returns with the bearing of a mighty warrior.Capable of defending both kingdom and kin, he is determined to settle all scores. Both grudges and debts of honor must be repaid!


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Chapter 1
"Commander Nash, the enemy nation sent a letter of surrender. They're offering to surrender three thousand miles of land in exchange for our Southmere forces to withdraw." "How dare they provoke the mighty Dragonstone. After being crushed by Commander Nash, do they really think that a mere three thousand miles will suffice to end the war? How preposterous!" In the war room on the border of Southmere in Dragonstone, the eyes of eleven generals were fixed upon a young man seated at the head of the table. He was dressed in military attire, his eyes were piercing, and his presence radiated an intense fervor. This man was Nash Xavier, the Lord Commander of Southmere! Six years ago, he entered Southmere as a fugitive, and step by step, he climbed up from the ranks, reversing Southmere's fortunes. After six years of intense battles, he single handedly killed the enemy nation's nine war gods, causing the whole army to tremble in fear. Thus, the offer of surrender now lay before him. Th
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Chapter 2
"Quickly! Hurry!" At Weightford Airfield, lines of fully armed soldiers rapidly took their positions, attentively waiting for their arrival. They were unaware of what was happening but assumed that something serious must have occurred as they were urgently deployed to take over the whole airport. Weightford's Governor, Minstrelle Chevalier, was sweating profusely as his heart burned with anxiety. As the rumbling sound got louder, Minstrelle saw a fighter jet diving from the sky, causing his heart to tremble even more. 'He's here! He really came!' A fierce wind swept through as the jet landed smoothly. The hatch opened, and Nash, accompanied by Rowena, strode out. The next moment, he saw the surrounding soldiers aim all their fire weapons at him. "Get out of the way!" Rowena's beautiful eyes flashed ruthlessly as she spoke with an icy voice. The intangible murderous aura born from years of battles caused everyone's hairs to stand on end. "Commander Nash!" Minstrelle hastily
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Chapter 3
"Be good and take your medicine. Mom says that if you take it, you'll get better," said young Beatrice, as she carefully fed the frail Nash his medicine, her angelic face showing a healing smile. From an early age, Nash was born sickly, and a fortune teller once predicted he would not live past ten years of age. "You're all a bunch of terrible people, don't you dare bully my brother!" Little Beatrice, with her hair in pigtails, stood protectively in front of Nash, who was often bullied by his classmates in third grade. She bared her teeth and tried to look fierce, but to others, she appeared not at all intimidating, but rather endearing. "W-why did my tooth fall out? It makes me sound funny when I talk, and it looks terrible... Stop laughing! You're a big meanie! I hate you!" Beatrice, having lost a tooth, was panic-stricken. Seeing Nash delighting in her misfortune, she stomped her foot in anger. "Do you like my new dress?" Whenever their mother bought Beatrice a new dress, she
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Chapter 4
Why? Why! Nash, with eyes full of rage, looked at his sister lying in the bed as her body reeked the scent of death. His iron fist clenched tightly, his nails digging into his palm as blood dripped down, bit by bit. It hurts! However, this pain was nothing compared to the heartache he felt. He breathed heavily to calm himself down as if the bubbling lava inside of him could erupt at any moment. The esteemed Lord Commander of Southmere, leader of a million-strong army, had been resisting enemy invasions for six long years. He defended Dragonstone time and time again, slaughtering thousands along the way. His legendary exploits at the border were known to all, but few were aware of the tremendous sacrifices he had made for his country and its people. He had faced countless brushes with death, only to emerge victorious each time. If one were to remove his clothing, they would find his body covered in gruesome scars. Layer upon layer, these were the medals of honor forged in
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Chapter 5
A chill was sent down his spine. This feeling was reminiscent of when he had lain in a pool of blood, his life drawing to an end as he stared at death in the face. However, back then, Nash appeared before him like a warm light, using his unparalleled medical skills to pull him back from the brink of death. Now, this hellish coldness was coming from Nash himself. It was as if the sky was falling! The Lord Commander of Southmere, known for his brilliant strategies and ability to control the battlefield with a single thought, had become this impulsive uncontrollable beast because of his fallen sister! The dragon emblem on the ground was glaringly bright, blinding Thelonius. Thelonius suddenly felt a sense of realization. The person orchestrating all of this had made a grave mistake. A mistake so terrible that it was absurd. No matter what, they should not have targeted Nash's sister in the first place! At the same time, Thelonius's inner rage grew stronger. He knew and understoo
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Chapter 6
Harbour Quirke was merely a sycophant under the command of Mr. Liu, and perhaps due to this, he had developed a keen canine sense. As he watched the gorgeous woman in military uniform approach with murderous intent, his facial muscles quivered uncontrollably, and he yelled defensively, "W-what do you want? Don't you know who I am?!""There is no need to," Rowena replied, advancing step by step.Feeling as though he was facing a fierce beast, Harbour yelled at his subordinates, "What are you waiting for? Attack her!"Four burly henchmen rushed forward, reaching for Rowena. She moved quickly, and with a flick of her wrist, she snapped the first henchman's arm. The others — hardened street fighters themselve — reacted with rage, but Rowena swiftly incapacitated them as well, leaving them writhing on the floor.Harbour's face turned pale as he tried to flee, but Rowena grabbed his hair and slammed the back of his head against the wall. Reaching up to touch the injury, his hand came awa
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Chapter 7
The small private room was already crowded with five or six people, let alone with over ten. Each burly man sported various tattoos, giving off an intense and intimidating aura. These men were not the drunken fools who had been knocked out earlier; they were skilled fighters under the command of Salvator. Yorick's face turned pale, his legs trembling. He pleaded, "Mr. Quirke! Please spare my son! It's all my fault! I..." "Get out of the way!" Harbour didn't even glance at Yorick, nor did he look at Nash. His eyes fell on Rowena, who had stepped out of the shadows to protect Nash. His gaze was cold and tinged with lust. This woman had almost killed him. He needed to make her suffer. "So, are you Nash's lover?" Harbour licked his lips and arrogantly laughed, "Did you know that he's a fugitive? I'll give you a chance. Kneel before me and I might forget about what happened earlier. From now on, follow me and live a life of luxury." "Those who commit evil will not escape their f
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Chapter 8
Outside the karaoke bar's private room, Rowena stood with her hands behind her back. More than a dozen henchmen lay on the ground, each appearing to have fainted. In reality, their hearts had been ripped out, and they were all dead. Nash dragged Harbour by the collar and glanced at the scene without a sense of care. These were a bunch of scoundrels who had chosen to live this life, and their deaths were well-deserved. Yorick was no longer shocked by Rowena's abilities, nor did he know that these men had died just like the ones in the private room. Yet, his body still trembled all over. They had deeply offended Salvator this time. Salvator! The kingpin of Weightford! Even the Four Houses of Weightford dared not to challenge this man. Even in the most prosperous days of House Xavier, Yorick had to follow his commands. "I know I haven't been a good father, but can you listen to me just once? I'll save Bea. You have to leave Weightford and never come back in this lifetime!" he pl
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Chapter 9
The ancestral home of House Xavier was brightly lit. The five-section compound that was built in an ancient style was located in the highly-valued Spring Mountain Villa area at the outskirts of Weightford. The plaque that had the words House Xavier that once hung on the gate had been replaced with Zephyr Mansion. The gold-edged plaque stung Yorick's eyes. "Yorick, what are you doing here?" a bodyguard blocked Yorick's path. "I... I am here to see Ysabel Zephyr," Yorick clenched his teeth and said, "Can you please inform her of my visit?" It was his own home, yet he had no authority to enter without permission. His heart was filled with indescribable sadness and anger. "Wait here." After the bodyguard left, Yorick clenched his fists tightly with sweaty palms. He was both furious and worried. What if Ysabel refused to see him? If possible, Yorick never wanted to see this woman again in his life. The entire House Xavier had been wrecked by her. All the properties that once belon
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Chapter 10
At midnight, dark clouds covered the sky above Weightford, and rain finally began to fall. People on the streets sought shelter from the rain, and umbrellas of various colors bloomed like flowers in the night. On a secluded road, Yorick was bruised and battered, and stumbled through the rain. Soaked to the bone, rainwater streamed down his face, spinning off his chin before splattering onto the ground. It was unclear whether it was rain or tears that wet his face. He wandered like a soulless corpse with numb and dull eyes. Thrown out after a vicious beating, Yorick could no longer feel the pain from his injuries, as his heart had already sunk into an endless abyss. Ysabel hadn't killed him; she wanted him to watch his own daughter and son suffer with his own eyes. The cruel fate of him watching his son and daughter face death was something Ysabel wanted him to experience firsthand. Yorick's ears still echoed with the devilish, piercing laughter of Ysabel. Blood trickled from the
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