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Poisedon's Kiss
Romance Goodgirl True Love
When the Prom Queen is drugged into bowel distress, her best friend suggests a rather absurd solution, blantantly ignoring their moral responsibility. Tade is banished from home because of his unusual familiarisation with human beings, into the regularly polluted lake of Badagry.Deola only needed to relieve herself but what she gets in return is a intoxicating obsession from the mysterious, secretive but helpful young man, an entanglement she never bargained for.This is a classic read of intriguing mystery and uncertain affection between two distinctly parallel existences, a taboo that must never be spoken of.
Death's Narratives
Tragedy Dark Romance Paranormal
Death, as the guide of all the souls leaving the physical world, takes the form of a human to speak with them. He has been wandering for a very long time that he, himself, doesn't know about his own existence. Ferrying billions of souls of humankind to the other side has been his job in a forever state that he can't escape. He considers himself a mere bystander, a storyteller—seeing histories unfold before his eyes, witnessing eras and wars end, watching humankind thriving. Endowed with a power of bringing deaths to humans upon touching them, he constantly seeks the feeling of physical human touch. Not until he meets Fivrelle, an immortal lady who desires death. The world is continuously evolving and growing. But to what extent? No matter what the world has become, Death will always be there, waiting.
The Hunters Volume One: The Beginning
Humor Campus Vampire
Tony Hallows
They've kept the world safe for centuries. Working from the shadows, culling the numbers of those who might threaten humanity. Now asked to work alongside the very ones they used to call prey, will they find middle ground for peaceful coexistence? Or will the ever increasing forces of darkness use this opportunity to achieve their aims?
Haunting Naomi
Humor Tragedy Independent
Jason Boyce
Haunting Naomi NEW CHAPTERS UPLOADED DAILY Naomi is a sixteen-year-old girl who was just living an ordinary teenage life. One night she heard a thumping inside her home that occurred every sixteen seconds. The thumping never left or stopped and only intrigued Naomi more to investigate. The noise will lead to her death and the afterlife, not to mention horrible terrors that Naomi will never forget. Can Naomi overcome the source of the thumping and conquer the evil that awaits? Will she make the most of her death and determine how to save herself, her family, and her best friend? Death cannot stop a determined young lady.
Age of the Dragons: Shouken's restoration #1
Teenager Independent Adventurous
Bored Panda 🐼
Shouken was torn apart by the feud between lords and brothers and it's fate now lies in the hands of the upcoming generation, Chory as the dragon lord and offspring of Lord Mugen upholds these responsibilities, along the line he had to travel round Shouken to revive it's crystals and unite the Guardians, the question is. . .will he succeed?
Baby Of The Dead
Reincarnation Paranormal Beast
In an urban city with dark pasts, on the night of a full lunar moon, a pregnant maid returning from work was raped to death by three drunk men. Her death was enough to nudge them to their senses... They buried her. A day after the corpse had tasted moistures and gloom, a snake crawled its way into the shabbily covered pit. And seven minutes later, out of the pit crawled out a pumpkin eating cute baby; A dark spirit of the past that haunted the land many centuries ago had found an excuse to be reborn; The body of an unborn child... the cuter, the bloodier, it'd thought!