Alphas Possession

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Alphas Possession

By: Jessicahall Ongoing

Language: English

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After the death of her parents, Harlow and her twin sister, Zara are placed in an omega sanctuary. There is something special about Harlow and she finds herself up for auction, no longer safe in the place that was supposed to protect them. Her sister steps in, taking her place only to end up killed by the pack that she was destined for. When they find out that Harlow wasn’t the one they received, she has to go on the run, posing as her twin, assuming no one will look for a dead girl. Harlow finds out just how wrong she was when two alpha packs join the hunt for her. Now she has to escape her bidders and the authorities in a world full of alphas. Where being an omega is not only a blessing but a curse. There is just one issue, Harlow bends for no man, especially an alpha. When she lands a job with the alpha pack that has been hunting her, she puts herself in a dangerous position. Can Harlow keep her true identity a secret or will she be found out and punished for running from her alpha?


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170 chapters
Chapter 1
Harlow My Omega test results were released last night. Over a hundred bidders joined the online action while Zara and I watched the screen as the numbers skyrocketed. I felt physically sick watching, my stomach churning wondering how this became my life. All because my genes test proved potent and the perfect match for an all-Alpha pack. We couldn't tell who the bidders were; the only thing we could follow was the pack names as each bidder logged into the online auction. A few of which I recognized and prayed I didn’t end up bought by. My heart kept pounding against my ribcage until I couldn't watch anymore, so I stared down at my pink cotton pajama shorts, picking at the lint to take my mind off my unraveling life. I just couldn't watch Mr. Black sell me off to a future I never wanted. My twin and I have been stuck in the Omega facility since our parents died. The facility owners groomed us to become the perfect Omegas, and now, they were auctioning me off to the highest bidding
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Chapter 2
FOUR DAYS LATERHarlow So far, there has been no news or a single word from my sister, and I'm out of descenter and had used the last of my spray last night. Mrs. Yates was nervous when she picked me up from my room. She hardly spoke to me, and was tense as we walked to the auction house. I did my make-up the same way my sister occasionally did hers."You never know; your test scores could be as high as your sisters'," she chimed happily as we reached the doors leading in. 'Oh, they will be high, alright, because I am the sister.' I thought dryly."Have you heard anything from Harlow?" I asked, curiosity lacing my voice. Mrs. Yates became even more nervous, but she remained silent and gave a swift shake of her head. After they ran their tests and took blood, I waited in the same foyer of the auction house. Sat in the same hard blue chairs, only this time Zara wasn't with me holding my hand, this time I was completely alone.Yet when Mrs. Yates came in, overly excited and bubbly,
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Chapter 3
"Mr. Bowman, she is here, but we have an issue. Mr. Keller also purchased this girl tonight when you rang about the muddle up," Mr. Black admitted. A growl came from the intercom, and I could swear it shook the windows and I could feel his threatening aura through the phone. "Doesn't matter; I bought her originally. I have a claim, so give him his money back!" The other man growled, sounding equally as pissed off as his opponent. "See, that's the issue. If it were only the money, I could simply fix it, Mr. Bowman." "Then what is it?" The annoyed man snapped. Mr. Black shot me a glare over his shoulder, his lips pulling back over his teeth in a snarl and I dropped my gaze to my lap. "I already injected her with Mr. Keller's serum." Mr. Black answers. "You what?" Mr. Keller roared through the phone, making Mr. Black jump. "So, wait, what does that mean? Fucking reverse his serum," Mr. Bowman argued. I couldn't understand why these men still tried to negotiate, since both of them s
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Chapter 4
2 years LaterMy landlord's voice in the stairwell made my stomach drop as she spoke to the handyman about the damn light fixtures that didn't work. I cringe, tugging my blazer higher to cover my neck and part of my face. Praying she doesn't notice me. The rent was four months late. I tried to sneak past Martha by holding my ratty-looking handbag higher to cover my face, but I don't go unmissed when I am forced to squeeze past her as I hastily try to escape."Zara!" she shrieks as I try to escape her wrath. I pause and slowly turn to face her. Her reddish, greying hair was pulled up in a bun on her head, and two hair picks were stuck through it with snakeheads on them. Martha steps around the handyman standing on a ladder while pulling apart the old light fitting above high up on the wall. "Where is my rent money? You promised to have it last week," she screeched, and I internally groaned. Martha was a tough old woman, and she looked the part with her denim jacket, black boots, and d
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Chapter 5
Rhen "I'm starving," Leon groaned as we stepped into the strip club, his blue eyes looking hungrily at the barely clad half-naked girls on the stage. The red ring around his irises glowed brightly, confirming his hunger even more. His bloodlust was insatiable, and since he was the only hybrid out of us. Thane liked to bring him here, sure he could feed on us, but like Leon said, eating the same thing daily is boring, so we didn't mind if he indulged. Hell, we all did. We may be mates, but we still had urges and didn’t mind sharing a woman now and then. It was one business that owed Thane money. Talon was really pushing past Thane's limits. Of course, as we stepped into the dimly lit place. Brianna, one girl that worked here, rushed over when she spotted us, glancing nervously to the office upstairs. Talon knew Raidon liked her, and Raidon was a sucker for big boobs. And she was not lacking in that department, her beaded bra barely covering her nipples, and Raidon had grabbed her th
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Chapter 6
Zara POVSomething was going on upstairs, and four terrifying-looking men in suits had come in. I watched them move to the VIP level while the other two sat in one booth by the door. Alphas, all of them, yet one of them smelled a little odd. Almost as if he was more than a werewolf. I could feel their hungry leering gazes watching me as I poured a drink for one customer. I kind of wished I washed the dishes. Their staring had me on edge.And it wasn't worth the wedgie these tiny little shorts were giving me, and I was fighting the need to tug the skin-tight shorts from my butt. How Brianna wore skimpy stuff like this daily was beyond me. I was freezing, my nipples poking through the thin crop top I had on, my midriff exposed. I might as well be naked for the coverage it gave me. Brianna, I noticed, was talking animatedly with the man, trying to draw his attention. He leaned on the railing, watching everyone below. His black suit looked like it was a part of him. The four of them were
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Chapter 7
"Omega," he groaned lewdly when I found myself tossed onto the floor. My backside hit the floor hard. It took everything not to cry out. He just shoved me as if he thought I was diseased and contagious. My omega instincts took over, wanting to please the Alphas and beg for forgiveness, but I squashed that down quickly, yet the sting of rejection was like a slap in the face. Stupid Omega instincts and Alpha pheromones were messing with my head.I touched my fingers to my neck when I felt the trickle of warm blood run down it. Hybrid? I thought to myself. I glanced at the men to find them glaring at me, and the two of them growled, making me flinch. What did I do? I wondered. I swallowed when the biggest of them stood. If looks could kill, I would be dust. His murderous growl was thunderous when I came face to face with the man I spilt coffee on earlier. Shock hit me. I thought he seemed familiar, and I was glad for the mask obscuring half my face. Yet he didn’t even give me a backward
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Chapter 8
Walking into my room, I glanced briefly at my bed where I made my burrow. I wanted nothing more than to bury myself in my blankets, but I only had an hour. An hour to figure somewhere to go. An hour before I was tossed out in the cold of night. Grabbing a backpack, I stuffed some clothes in it that would be suitable for work tomorrow and a pair of heels. I couldn’t take all my shoes, so I had to choose wisely and stuffed a pair of heels and black flats. I set my boots next to the bag, intending to wear them after a shower. I grab my grey parker and as many warm clothes as I can find and fold them carefully, stuffing as much in the bag as I can without breaking the sipper. Afterward, I grabbed my handbag, squeezing any paperwork I needed into my handbag; I set some warm clothes on the bed before rushing to shower and scrub the scents off my skin. I would be an instant target out there smelling like this. Tears burned my eyes as I scrubbed my skin raw with my loofa. When finished, I
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Chapter 9
Thane “I bloody told you we didn’t need a new personal assistant,” I snapped at my sister in-law Leila as we stepped into the elevator. She ignores me as she usually does, so much like Leon she is. I swear she enjoys holding me at the edge of my sanity just so she claims to have brought me back from the brink. “Where is my brother, anyway?” she asks while batting her lashes at me and feigning innocence, pursing her lips as she glances between Rhen, Raidon, and me. Ignoring her, I press the button to our floor.“So who is she?” Rhen asks Leila, while leaning against the elevator wall. Leila shrugs and I knew she was up to something. “Her name is Zara. She worked for some firm that burned down, and—” the doors open and I get a whiff of descenter. The growl that leaves me is thunderous, making the girl jump as she rearranges the files in her hands. The manila folders falling from her grip and landing on the table.“Oh, you have to be fucking kidding me, Leila! You hired an Omega and h
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Chapter 10
I'm cursed. It is the only thing that could possibly make sense. Of all the places to land a job, it had to be from the very people I was running from, and the jerk I tipped coffee in had to be the damn Alpha and my new boss.Great, the first chance I get, I am buying a sage stick and cleansing the heck out of myself. A bad omen must be clinging to me. Surely my luck wasn't this shitty?Thane stalked off toward his office, the other two following quickly to their own as they parted ways, leaving me with Leila."I think that went rather well, don't you think?" She asks while side-eyeing me. I raise an eyebrow at her. Well? More like a disaster. It's clear they hate me already.I had been here minutes and was seriously considering telling her to jam her job offer up her tiny ass. Leila shows me around the floor. I discovered it has a small kitchenette, which had Chinese containers piled in the sink, the bin was overflowing, and there was coffee spilled on the counter.If this was their
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