Chapter 122
Zephyr did not hesitate, and he instantly killed all the guards that were present with his Slash.

“F*ck! We’re under attack!”

“Sound the alarm! To arms men! We’re under attack!”

The cries of fearful Zane guards could be heard, rocking the Zane fort.

“Hahahaha… take my axe!” Mason heckled, battleaxe in hand. He spun his weapon around and across his Mere, forming the likeness of a great black panther. With the speed of his steed, many were cut down where they stood as he easily made his way through them, with each swift move, it sent spouts of crimson into the sky.

Another Rider sent fistfuls of attacks that flew towards the main gates, sending dust and pebbles flying everywhere, decimating the stone doors where they stood. With another flurry, the once great doors got rendered into ash. The aggressor for such an attack was none other than Leo. Although he was a mere Strength of level seven, he had gotten stronger in his training, he managed to fully incorporate Metal into his muscles, bones, nerves and fibers. His physical attributes were incredible.

“B*stards! Who dares attack my home?!” a great roar came, followed by the appearances of many Zanes on the Zane roofs. Their leader was a middle aged man, his expression was cold and composed, his body lean yet toned, his long hair flowed in the wind, a flamboyant foe.

He emitted thunderous ripples of energy, the energy gathered behind him served to display his power. It tossed and turned behind the man, and formed in and out of a corporeal form, it served as a testament on how much power he had under his belt. It could be seen that the man was no slouch, as he could barely contain the energy he had within him. One could say his energy levels were at the limits his body could take.

It was the Zane lord, Quincy Zane.

“How dare you come to my house, and attack us in our sleep! Your foolishness knows no bounds!” Quincy demanded, his voice rang throughout the courtyard. ‘This b*stard’s at the tip of the Strength iceberg! He’s almost a full-grown Agile!’ Zephyr thought as he squinted at the lord. He determined that Sylvester Sun could have even been weaker than him.

The levels between fighters was but a rough estimate, it was hardly accurate in determining one’s true power. Even though many would say that the people that were Strengths of level nine were qualified to be the big dogs in Starlight, many of them would no doubt be crushed by the other Nine’s throughout the Ahi Dynasty, many of whom came from older, more powerful clans and families.

Although Quincy was made out to be a Nine, he was very obviously far greater than your average Strength of level nine fighter.

The Khan Riders gathered behind Zephyr, and each of them raised their weapons while they waited for their next command.

“Father! That’s Zephyr Khan! The one who crippled my fiance!” An angry voice shouted from afar, it was Opal who followed shortly after to join her father’s side. Her eyes were full of hatred towards Zephyr. “That is Zephyr? Hmph, what a brat. How dare you come to my house and disrespect me like this? Your win against the Sun must’ve gotten to your heads! Do you think you could ‘conquer’ us like you did with the Sun, just like that?

“Enough!” Quincy said as his eyes glowed brightly, before he fired upon the Khan with discrimination.

“Ride, my Khan! Ride! Forward!” Zephyr commanded while he raised his sword.

The fourteen Riders roared as they charged with their brandished weapons, kicking up dust and soot along the way.

“Hmph,” Quincy scoffed, staring Zephyr down. “Die, c*r!” he yelled as he faced his palms downward. A gust of energy quickly formed around Zephyr, it’s strength much like a brick wall. With a twist of his wrists, Quincy sent the wall of crushing energy barreling towards Zephyr, and it flattened everything in its way.