Chapter 147
“There!” Zephyr moved his energies, feeling movement somewhere. “What are you hiding for? Show yourself!?” Zephyr moved his sword, summoning his energies. “Sixth Slash!”

With a twist of his wrist, every tree around was felled immediately, revealing a cunning man that stared at Zephyr with a shocked look. In his hands was a bow and arrow, he was in a stance that was ready to fire. “Lightfoot!” Zephyr said as he disappeared, quickly brandishing his sword. “No!” the man cried, feeling an impending sense of doom. “Die!” Zephyr yelled as he slew the man. However, the man had fired his arrow, sending it forth. A sharp whistle followed it. ‘Sh*t!’ Zephyr thought, quickly turning his body to dodge the arrow. However, the arrow came too fast, and hard. He desperately channeled his Might to intercept the attack.

Zephyr successfully blocked the attack, but his arm reeled back from the pain, going numb as the arrow broke itself, sending a loud crack that echoed around. However, Zephyr was still pushed back by thirty feet. “This archer’s skill… is…” Zephyr gasped loudly. “If this was any other guy, they wouldn't be so lucky!' He pondered, ‘Had he hid himself well enough, even an Agile of level one could be easily killed!’

Zephyr sighed. The Tournament really was a challenge. Many acclaimed fighters are here at this Tournament, each hailing from their own lands. This skilled archer was but one of them. Zephyr steeled himself, he had better watch out now.

“Divine Wind!”


“Prodding Tremors!”

In the Land of Despair, cries of bloodlust can be heard. The fighting raged on, getting more and more intense with each passing moment. Blood spewed in the air, covering the Land whole. Everyone was at each other’s necks, trying to get more points, anyhow, any way. Everyone knew killing each other to get points was way easier, way faster than killing wild beasts. Besides, almost everyone carried poultices or treasures with them.

Zephyr frowned at the stench of blood in the air. He quickly ran over to the archer’s corpse, picking up his scoreboard. “He already has two thousand points? He must’ve killed many people with this method!” Zephyr sighed. ‘His bow and arrow doesn’t seem to be of common make either!’ Zephyr thought to himself as he looked at the bow. The bow had intricate carvings of rune on its body. Observing it, light shimmered from it.

‘A fine bow!’ he thought, as he reached for it. However a voice soon came after, interrupting him. “Hold it boy!” A boom followed this voice which rippled through the surrounding area.