Chapter 167
Once Zephyr finished his sentence, his eyes glowed bright blue, and sparks appeared beside him. He then reached for his pack and retrieved an aromatic fruit. He then ate it in one go, feeling a sudden force of heat wash over him. It was the fire fruit he had obtained earlier!

In the past three days, Zephyr had ingested a total of six fire fruits while he trained himself. Its effects had helped a lot in the process. “This is the last one, means it’s time to leave!” Zephyr said to himself. He commanded the heat within, letting it flow throughout his body to replenish it. As of right now, Zephyr felt no pressure to collect more points. After all, the Dragon Lizard saw to that, providing an ample amount. Even the Ninth Prince and his team could never achieve Zephyr’s score.

Zephyr stayed a bit more to train his Focus, Seven Slashes, and Lightfoot… all his greatest techniques. He had achieved a greater mastery over himself and his moves than anyone could ever anticipate for.

‘The next time we meet, Ninth Prince, I will cut you down!’ Zephyr thought. He brandished his sword, and electricity flowed through it. “Seventh Slash!” he yelled, bursting forth with energy. Suddenly, the entire room was filled with vibration. Space and time itself paused from such an attack. The area was filled to the brim with bladed energy. This was an energy that cut at all corners. Such destruction would even make an Agiles’ knees weak. No one would be able to believe that this was the work of a Strength of level nine.

Bladed energy filled the room at Zephyr’s behest. He commanded it towards the quicksand, striking through it with lightning speed. After all, when was lightning ever slow? Zephyr’s Lightfoot has also received a great boon, being augmented by his newfound lightning powers as well. His speed had increased by tenfold. With this, Zephyr burst through the quicksand. “Out of my way!” Zephyr commanded as he tunneled through the sand with ease, letting it pass around him, not by him. As his sword skill carved through the sand, a path appeared before him.

In an unseemly spot filled with quicksand within the Land of Despair, the sand churned. Suddenly, a terrible force sprang out from the sands. Zephyr stopped in mid air, three feet or so off the ground, before he slowly descended down. He took a look in the area around him. “Eh?” A group of people suddenly appeared within Zephyr’s vision. ‘It’s them!’ Zephyr thought, smiling hellishly. It was Samson Leed and his goons.

Samson’s power was unlike before, it had increased a lot since their last encounter. Samson had broken through into the Agility level in the last three days. The men around him were all smiles and laughters, especially the other Agile. It would seem he too had received many benefits in the last three days.

“Who knew we would find a Rejuvenating Spring here. Its waters had helped us a lot. Too bad there were only twenty or so drops. I bet with a few more, I could break through to my next level!” the Agile said happily. “Hmph, this is nothing compared to the Chrono Grass. How dare a b*stard such as Zephyr steal away such a powerful item! If it weren’t for him, I could easily be an Agile level two by now!” Samson said, “All I needed was the Grass to break though! That f*cking brat! Once I leave this place, I swear I’ll destroy the Khan!” Samson roared as he clenched his fists tightly.

“You’re right, that dude’s f*cked. Too bad he got killed by the prince, we weren't able to have any fun!”

“About the prince, you must be careful My lord. Among all the fighters in the Land of Despair, he’s the only one you must be wary of!”

Samson’s underlings reminded him of the potential threat that could cause great havoc.

“Indeed, the guy’s trouble. He has many skilled fighters under him, a couple of Agiles too. We’re definitely going to be in for it!” Samson nodded as he spoke with weariness. “However!” Samson suddenly exclaimed, “My Prideful Soul is unbeatable! No matter what, I have a trump card. No one could ever overpower my guardian’s shade! He might not even overpower me!”

Saying this, Samson’s energies exploded in righteous fury. “Let’s go! We still have beasts to hunt! We must get as many points as we can before the trial ends!” Samson commanded, “Once the trials end, I will make the Khan pay! I will remind everyone that Samson Leed is not to be crossed with!” Samson could not suppress his hatred as he remembered the crippling of his younger brother.