Chapter 211
The great battle quickly ended when the Academy people arrived. Even Aiden Lee could not bark back at the Academy. Regardless of them being the royals or the Grand Masters, they would all have yielded to the Academy. However, what truly affected the royals was Zephyr himself. His Lightning Spear had destroyed the palace grounds. Not only that, his presence had exposed Aidens shameful display and crippled one of their Grand Masters in this battle. The Ahi had suffered a heavy toll. The royals could only view Zephyr through angry, gritted teeth. However, at the same time, they were equally afraid of the powers he contained, Zephyr Khan truly was prodigal.

However, Zephyr did not care for what the royals thought. He had already returned to Starlight with Bruce, who had finally caught up to the destination. After using his Lightning Spear, Zephyr had entered a state of drowsy confusion. It had taken a lot out of him, his energies, and even his spirit. It was especially so because Zephyr had summoned it under great duress and injury, its effects of weariness had no doubt doubled from that. However, Zephyr knew he would be able to recover from this, after some time.

In the Inter-city Tournament, Zephyr Khan from Starlight had won! This news spread like wildfire throughout the Dynasty. Word of his winning would soon be outshined by his deeds at the palace. Almost everyone knew who Zephyr Khan was, if not for his name, they would know about the things he had done. The other academies had started to pay close attention to him as well.

Although the Khan had suffered greatly from the earlier attack, they did not give up. In fact, through Zephyr’s glory, the Khan quickly grew in name and power. Many old powers have even started to make good again with the Khan, planning out marriages and business ventures. In just a short month, the Khan had returned to its former glory and even more!

“These ungrateful b*stards!” Spout huffed, face full of disgust. He had uttered these no sooner had he sent off another clan’s representative. He had returned to his former strength over the month through consuming a lot of pills. “My lord, that is the nature of these clans. Once they realize our potential for great growth, they would quickly capitalize on it. However, should the Khan meet with trouble once again, they would no doubt leave us in the dust!” Motte Khan replied with a weary smile.

“Indeed! We must all be thankful for our boy Zephyr. Who knew he’d become the number one prodigy in all of Ahi Dynasty, and an amazing Academy apprentice! Unbelievable!” Spout sighed, smiling and nodding. The Boundless Academy was one of the five Great Academies, for Zephyr to become an initiate would no doubt pave his path to a bright future. The other clans knew this of course, so they had quickly come over to make good with the Khan, hoping for some benefits.

“Unfortunately, our guardians took too many heavy hits. They’re still hidden away somewhere, recuperating. If it weren’t for Skyfall's help, I doubt they would’ve made it out alive during the fight,” Motte sighed, his face weary now.

The Khan’s success owed it all to Zephyr, their prodigal boy. He had given them so much. So, so, so ,so much! He had given them Skyfall as well. “How’s my boy doing?” Spout raised his head, he asked with full sincerity. “The same as usual, incapacitated. Sometimes he’s awake, but even then he seems out of it!” Motte replied, growing wearier by the minute. “I hope he comes to his senses soon!” Spout nodded as he spoke, he too showed signs of weariness as he was unsure of what to do. Zephyr’s condition was not great, his eyes were half-closed most of the time as if he was half-asleep.

Runes had formed on his palms, which made him look strange. Although Zephyr looked like someone who was struggling dearly on the outside, he was actually fine on the inside. On the inside, a wave of electricity surrounded the boy’s body, working diligently to heal his broken parts. Sometimes, an uncontrolled spark would fly out.

Zephyr was doing alright!

Zephyr had taken the worst beating of his life, yet his power has increased manifold as well. He silently and slowly increased his spiritual energies within his spirit realm while repairing his body. The mystical spear floated within, and all of it was covered in mysterious electrical lights and runes. Zephyr had finally conjured a new weapon — the Lightning Spear. Through this development, Zephyr’s mastery over electricity had become more stable. Although he was not too strong, his electrical attacks were no doubt more powerful than before. As long as he keeps on improving himself, there will be no limits to his power expenditure!