Chapter 79
“She must be a fairy!” Zephyr clenched his fists and struggled to suppress his desires. His composure regained much of itself. “Are you the manager of Skyfall?” Zephyr asked while he took his gaze off of her. The woman did not expect Zephyr to have such control. She pursed her lips, softly and spoke, “Yes, I am. What you want of us is too big an order, needing me to personally meet you. Please, sit,” She reached out her hand and gestured for Zephyr to sit and chat. However, her small gesture was enough to almost send Zephyr over the edge, he struggled to sit himself down. Afterwards, the lady poured a cup of tea for him.

“How should I address you, ma’am?” Zephyr asked as he reached for his cup. Zephyr was aware he was under her seductive spell, if he did not control his composure, he would no doubt be sold short. “‘Ma’am’? How quaint… Hmph, you should call me ‘miss’ instead!” she said, disappointed. “Heh heh, aren’t we just discussing business? How I address you shouldn’t be that big a deal, right?” Zephyr laughed emptily. Seeing Zephyr’s immaculate composure, the manager could not help but feel shocked at how such a young fellow could have such strong willpower. “Alright, alright. My name is Jade, remember it!” she said through pursed lips. Such cute features made Zephyr’s struggle harder. He quickly averted his gaze, otherwise he would fall hard.

However, his eyes fell upon the slender legs of the mistress before him. He was edging now.

“Oh my, do my legs interest you that much?” asked Jade playfully, her red lips curled at the prospect. ‘Oh no…’ Zephyr thought, he realized how experienced she was at this. Suddenly, a wave of heat washed over Zephyr as he raised his head who met Jade’s gaze. It was as though the most beautiful thing in the world was right there before him. He had been caught. “Little one, your balance pills have already been checked by my company. It is as you say, powerful. How do you want to work this out?” Jade said, smiling at Zephyr. Zephyr was slowly losing his consciousness, his thought processes, his reasoning. ‘Wait, no! I am under a spell! How dare she…’ Zephyr frowned when he thought to himself, he realized that her seduction was a spell indeed. The moment he entered the room he was trapped. The decor, the incense, all carefully planned… Even Jade herself was enough to render any man docile, much less in such an environment.

Zephyr quickly channeled his Might, exploding the energies within him, and sent his two scales into a roar. With a burst of his draconic energy, Zephyr blew apart the mist that shrouded his mind, this then gave him full clarity over the situation.