Chapter 86

The remaining fighters cried out in fear and disbelief. Their eyes were full of hateful remorse. Zephyr’s frightening powers were on par with an Agile’s. They expressed great remorse for crossing such a foe. With an adversary like Zephyr, the Sun assailants were now in a dangerous spot.

Zephyr sent forth another array of swords, a charge which swallowed his attackers whole. When Zephyr was done, he took a deep sigh, and wiped the sweat off his brow. He was exhausted. He had never had such an intense fight before, one in which many skilled fighters ambushed him. Although he was extremely powerful, he could not be careless. After all, these men were at least Strengths of level eight. The only reason Zephyr could quickly finish these guys off — other than their bad defenses — was that they underestimated him. Had they not done so, Zephyr would have had a hard time. Even if he had won, he would no doubt have suffered a grave injury.

Zephyr stood there as he slowly regained his energy and composure, while doing so, he scanned the environment. He quickly fled the scene, noticing no witnesses were around to bear witness to the massacre. However, a figure slowly appeared not long after Zephyr had left. It was an old man, his face plastered with wrinkles as he frowned intensely, shocked at the whole thing. He stared at Zephyr’s silhouette, muttered to himself, “What power! What attitude! He was indeed different… I must report back to madam!” With that, the old man vanished.

“D*mn it!”

“Do the Sun really think we are so easily bullied? How dare they!”

Zephyr had reported his meeting with the Sun to Typhoon and the rest. Everyone was furious at the audacity of the Sun. They obviously did not regard the Khan highly for them to carry out a plan like this. “The Sun are an old and ancient bloodline with a history worth a thousand years! We have only been around for two hundred years, of course they would not hold us to anything,” Spout sighed. “Zephyr my boy, who knew you were this strong!” Typhoon said, he smiled at his grandson’s safe return. He had not expected Zephyr to cut down ten highly skilled men in one night, much less without injury!

“Grandfather, the Sun would not stop so easily, especially with balance pills cutting into their economy. The Khan must steel itself!” Zephyr said. “Zephyr boy, do you have a plan?” Spout asked curiously. “Yes, yes I do!” Zephyr stated, “As of now, the Khan’s influence is still not as great as the Sun! After all, they have had thousands of years to build theirs! But, if I’m not wrong, the Sun may be like us in the sense that they have their own guardian.”

When he heard this, Spout nodded in agreement, Seeing the serious looks on everyone’s face, Zephyr continued, “And, if I’m not mistaken, the one who tried to assassinate my grandfather, was a Sun! I am confident that there are more than a few Agiles in the Sun! They are a great threat to us!” Zephyr shared, calmly.