Am I Lewd Enough??

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Am I Lewd Enough??

By: N0R0B0 OngoingHarem

Language: English

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Arthur finds himself being reincarnated into an erotic, fantasy game called [Oriana] and not to mention, he had reincarnated into a thick femboy called Willow?! How is he going to navigate through the gore, the lores and more importantly, evade the erotic content of the game where 90% of the characters want to fuck him to death? Guess he'll have to big brain this shit.

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Chapter I: Reincarnated Into A Lewd Game?!
Spring had arrived but the winds rolling off the southern mountains still brought the cold touch of winter. The trees swayed with the blow of the fading winter winds as their leaves rained down, landing softly on the river that laid between a wall of beautiful trees, causing ripples to form across the surface of the water.The bundles of fallen leaves parted, drifting away from each other as a milky-white leg poked at the water, determining it’s temperature before slowly descending into the river.Willow sighed, a tremble in his voice as he shivered at the cold touch of the river. He sank deeper into the river, washing himself with a natural, feminine grace even though he was a boy. The water trickled down his nubile body as he cupped his hands and washed his beautiful face, taking a deep look at his reflection from the river, giving another breathy sigh.“I think it’s been about 15 years since I’ve come to this world.” He whispered, hearing the softness of his voice from how silent h
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Chapter II: Reincarnated Into A Lewd Game?! (2)
Willow was weak, very weak, and he knew that. If it weren’t for his sister’s protection, he would have most likely been raped in a ditch by now. This was a rather primitive world where they focused more on advancements in war and personal power rather than science. Was science even a thing here?Willow moaned as the brief cold wind washed over his nude body. “Why on earth did I have to transmigrate into this boy’s body? If I had a choice, I’d pick the sister over him any fucking day.”He had a genuine appreciation for Elm both as the protagonist and the younger sister of the Maiden. She was cheerful, tough and was rather boyish - lusting for adventure and conquest but he knew that it was just her emblem kicking in as well. He was raring to see the look on the village chief’s face tomorrow when he realized what a rare gem had been brought up in his town. Willow remembered the great shift in personality that would occur in Elm after the [Awakening] ritual tomorrow but knew that it would
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Chapter III: Reincarnated Into A Lewd Game?! (3)
He opened his eyes and saw plot armor incarnate herself. The most accurate representation of Elm would be an amazonian princess, possessing both the glorious stature of amazonian warriors and the dignity of a princess. Her hair was like gold, not the fake blonde dyes the brunettes in his past life seemed to like so much.It was as if she’d been blessed by the sun, possessing skin the color of bronzed olives and eyes the color of the sky but appeared clouded and bored, as if she’d seen everything the world had to offer. She wore a simple, loose tunic over her brown breeches that showed off her lithe, athletic figure with long legs that reminded him of those Olympic runners in his previous life. From years of training with the sword under the gleaming sun, she was a beautiful woman possessing skin the color of bronzed olives.To put the cherry on top, her eyes were the color of the sky but not as vibrant, inheriting the sky’s wisdom rather than it’s optimism. Such was his younger sister
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Chapter IV: Reincarnated Into A Lewd Game?! (4)
Willow felt a little blush crawling up his cheeks when he heard her words. “Stupid. Learn how to charm now, have you?” He realized that she was too close and tried pushing her away to no avail. She was much stronger than him, which would have hurt his pride as an older brother and a man. . .if he didn’t look so girly. “Go away. You’re too close.”Elm didn’t reply for a moment as her eyes traveled down the smallness of his waist down to his plum shaped butt . She tucked her head behind his neck as she took a long, good stare at how his doughy butt looked from behind his shoulders. She couldn’t take her eyes off how blessed he was in that department but quickly gathered herself.“Why? I like being near you, brother.” Elm declared, kneeling slightly so that she rested her head on Willow’s small shoulders. She crept closer to his ears. “You smell so beautiful.”A blush exploded onto Willow’s face but he kept it down and pinched the bridge of his nose. He raised his hand to give a karate c
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Chapter V: Reincarnated Into A Lewd Game?! (5)
The first thing Willow noticed when he’d awoken was the sweaty breeze of the afternoon winds pouring in through his windows. His head still tingled slightly as he assessed his surroundings.Looking around him, he saw that he’d been transported to his bedroom, shared with his sister - that same person was sitting on a chair beside him, holding his hands as she rested her head on his thighs, merrily sleeping into the afternoon. A warmth spread across his chest as he felt nostalgic, having a younger sister who also dearly looked after him in his previous life as well. He laid his hands on her head, stroking her hair gently as a mother would do her children.He felt his tongue dry, so he grabbed the jug of water beside him and drank it, all the while smiling at how their bedroom had grown up alongside them.Their bedroom looked as if it’d been modeled after a cabin in the woods, with thick dark planks that had grown old but sturdy enough to still support the ceiling and it’s walls. A wind
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Chapter VI: Reincarnated Into A Lewd Game?! (6)
“You know that we can’t pick and choose our emblems, mother.” Willow said before taking a peek at Elm.“I’m sure, my brother will obtain an emblem that reflects his beauty.” Elm said with a straight face.Leonard laughed out loud at that. Despite wanting his son to become strong and tough, looking at him closely and remembering his weak constitution, he knew that Elm had a better chance of inheriting the art of the hunt from him. “That may be true Elm. We can only hope that Lord Hum is understanding and reveals our son’s emblem to be one of great origins.”Willow took offense to that but had long since known that his role would not be in the battlefield, so he let it slide.“Well, don’t be so downspirited, dear. After all, I’m sure that your sister will receive something worthy of her talents.” His mother said, hinting at the genius talent Elm had in the art of battles. “She’ll protect you.”Leonard smiled widely and placed his bear-like hands on top of Elm’s head, ruffling her hair a
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Chapter VII: Reincarnated Into A Lewd Game?! (7)
Elm thought of what Willow had just said. She knew herself. She knew of the many talents she’d been blessed with and all of this was even before her Awakening. But before all of her strength, came her wisdom. It was a blessing and a curse to her - the gift of wisdom and intelligence. A curse because it derived her of the element of surprise, of the element of hope and optimism. To her, the world seemed to run slow, cold and grey - a box of toys to which she’d been granted detailed instructions on how to build, manipulate and create.The moment she’d come out of her mother’s womb, she didn’t cry. When the sight of the world first came to her eyes, she didn’t laugh.She thought the world would continue to be that - boring, stale, dry. And it would have been that way.If it weren’t for him.Her world that consisted of only black and white suddenly lit up with the intensity of a dragon’s breath the moment he appeared in her infantile vision. She’d been granted him, the incarnation of beau
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Chapter VIII: Reincarnated Into A Lewd Game?! (8)
This never failed to calm his nerves. Or so would be the case if it weren’t for his annoying, little sister who just had to ruin his moment.Willow yelped, holding his cheek. “What are you doing?!”Elm switched her attention between the finger that poked at his cheeks and his amusing expression. “They’re pretty soft.” Willow sighed. Lashing out at this expressionless girl would do nothing for his temper. “And here I was relaxing pretty well.”She tilted her head. “Were you thinking about something serious?”“. .No, why?” Willow looked away.“You’re lying. Your eyes always swim around when you lie.” Elm quickly found the truth.Willow relented. “Fine. I was just thinking about the [Awakening] tomorrow.”“Is there something wrong?” Elm asked.“No, no. It’s just -” Willow turned to look into Elm’s eyes, seeing them to be so full of innocence. He cursed inwardly as he knew that innocence would be no longer after tomorrow and he would be a prime indicator towards it. For now, he could only
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Chapter IX: Reincarnated Into A Lewd Game?! (9)
The sun began to rise. A blanket of morning dew rolled over the town but even through the hail and mist, people still found their way towards the Townsquare. Their feet were jittery. Their hearts pumped ice.Parents made sure to hold onto their young children so that they don’t lose themselves in the thick crowd as they looked onwards to the future generation of the town who paraded around in a straight line. But most of their attention had been caught by the young boy of Olivia’s as they were in disbelief.The young teens had been dressed in a simple white robe, along with a crown of flowers adorned on their necks -- a traditional look that those performing the Awakening had to wear -- something that only made Willow’s cerulean blue eyes pop, making him appear as if some sort of divine gift from the Gods and reminded them why he had been called the flower of the town. And right beside him was the town’s young lion, or lioness.Elm still had that impassive look on her face, something
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Chapter X: Reincarnated Into A Lewd Game?! (10)
Previously In the game, the protagonist Elm would go through her Awakening, coming out as the prophesied Child Of Light, or the Celestial Hero who would then pave her path to eventually slay the Demon God and unite the world. But that was all so far in the future. No, what worried Willow right now was the closer future, the tragedy that was about to fall right into their laps and the tragedy that he was going to abuse so as to escape this town and the predetermined plot of the world. He remembered how the town would soon fall into chaos and anarchy when the demons attacked, with homes set ablaze as the morning sky was covered with soot and dark hail. The moment Elm came out of her Awakening, the demons would immediately launch an attack and go on to raze the entire town to the ground. Elm would fight, kill, fight and kill some more as a river of blood would be all that’s left of the town when morning rose. As Father John finally finished his explanation and opened the doors to t
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