Chapter 2082 Pronouncement (2)

Josias was about to continue his speech, but the phone kept ringing. He waited for Hector or another servant to answer at another extension.

Then the phone silences.

“Hector must have answered.” Josias smiles slightly, “So, as I was saying, I fell in love with Gabriela Alves and she likes me too. Perhaps I was too blunt in saying that she would be the next Mrs. Rocha, but I want to announce in advance that I intend to get to know her better to know if I can trust her.”

Elza is the first to speak up, “Son, I think you're getting ahead of yourself. Miss Alves may not be a shrew like Kate or Angela, but you already started your story through scandals. People are bound to remember what happened last year. If what you really want is to get married, can't you meet another girl from scratch, a girl who has never been associated with any confusion?”

When Josias was about to answer, the landline rang again.

“This ha

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