Chapter 2309 Melissa States Her Terms

At Rocha Mansion, Daryl is waiting in the main living room, sitting on the couch because of his foot. He has a mysterious smile, thinking that he will convince Melissa to return to her husband.

Daryl can barely hide his surprise when he sees Simeon enter the living room instead of Melissa.

He’s torn between sitting still or getting up and running, “Ehr... Mr. Campos? I was hoping to speak with Melissa.”

“What the hell, what right do you have to talk to my daughter?” Simeon blusters, “GET OUT of here, before Josias returns and starts the ethical cleanup here!”

“What are you talking about?” Daryl is startled.

“Do you want to bring about the extinction of the Mountain family here?” Simeon asks with his arms crossed.

“No, and I doubt he could pull off such a feat without drawing the attention of the authorities,” Daryl responds confidently.

“No one will miss you if Josias buries you alive in the beach sand.” Simeon asserts, “Now get out of here because you won’t talk to my daughter. How d
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