Chapter 2569 João Paulo and Helen Get Married

João Paulo and Helen’s wedding has arrived... at the Rocha Hotel ballroom.

The guests were apprehensive about the ceremony taking place in the same place where the bride was injured and had a miscarriage. But the bride and groom were convinced that it was the perfect place.

Therefore, after the priest’s speech and the exchange of vows, João Paulo and Helen become husband and wife.

“You may kiss the bride!”

João Paulo and Helen smile and kiss to the applause of the guests.

Josias is the most emotional of all. Finally, the youngest brother learned that the best thing in a man’s life is to have a wife who loves and respects him.

Now everyone was having fun with the DJ playing “City of Blinding Lights” by U2. Waiters in suits and ties served cocktails, champagne, and soft drinks to the children. Small plates of snacks and delicacies were also available. Some guests couldn’t wait for the three-tiered, white-iced wedding cake to be served.

But at the moment, João Paulo and Helen were taking
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