Chapter 266


Lectures for the day are over now and I have been having a nerdy chat with a girl I know really well.

"So did you feel any reaction after the hug?" she questioned me and I am sure she's expecting me to say yes to her.

"Well I kinda felt it,"I replied, trying to put her in between so that she would not be sad. Calista walked towards us with a stare on my face and I stopped talking to the girl when she had reached too close.

"I need to go home now, I am hungry dude" she says with her pointy finger on my arm, sliding it down like it meant something special, I took a look at her beautiful face and she licks her lips too.

I am starting to think o


So Guys! We will be diving deeper into the story, it might call for a book 2, though, we are going to enjoy how our new Brian and our new hera will get to meet each other? Question is: would they ever find themselves? Keep reading. And thanks ūüíēūüíē

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