Chapter Forty-two

Aiden watched in confusion as Simon tilted his head back and howled to the sky. He had never heard such a long and purposeful howl before and within a few seconds, others began to join in, too. The noise sent chills through him, making his hackles stand on end, but not through fear. He had this strange feeling of acceptance inside of him, threatening to make him swell with pride. He had never felt like that before and as Simon trailed the howl to a close, Aiden felt a touch of loss, as though he had just lost something that he needed in his life.

Simon began to walk forward and Aiden saw that he had been guarding Ben, who was lying on the floor in his human form. Pain was riddled across his face as he lay there watching him, standing over his gruesome winnings. As Simon approached, he lowered his head to the floor, then followed with his front legs, then his belly

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