Chapter Nineteen

Aiden shuffled his foot as he waited for Sarah and Charlie to appear from the building that housed Sarah's office. She had gone to arrange emergency personal leave, ready for the road trip to Scotland. It had been almost half an hour but there was no sign of them at all. Filled with concern, he crossed the road to look for them, then stopped. There was something in the air, something different about the way it smelled.

“Wolf,” he mumbled.

His stomach flooded to bursting, with a mix of fear and worry, while his mind wouldn’t stop with ‘what if' as he followed the scent. Trying to convince himself that he was overreacting, he rounded the corner onto an empty street. The scent grew stronger with each step that he took, but then suddenly faded when he'd walked halfway down the street. Aiden looked around in confusion, then backtracke

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