Chapter Thirty-seven

Ben raced towards the village, his beta by his side and his pack at his heels. The count had been close, closer than he had expected but as always, they had pulled through. Most of the pack were tired of the shit that they had to deal with because of Dawns and he knew the police wouldn't get involved. They had tried but after a few of the officers family members disappeared, they gave up. 

The scent of Aiden filled his nose as he padded through the trees. His first job was to have his pack identify Aiden so they knew he was friendly, then he was to go after the Alpha. He hoped that he could unite the packs and force a change. Heaven knew it was needed. 

A howl brought him from his thoughts as he rounded a huge tree trunk. Aiden was there, fighting with a smaller, almost mottled looking wolf. Ben howled and mad

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