Chapter Twenty-four 

“Aiden, let me go look for her. You’re in no condition. You still have a lot more healing to do.”

Shaking his head, Aiden stood. “No, it’s my fault she stormed out. I’ll go find her. Besides, I can sense when I'm near her. You stay here and call me if she comes back.”

“But Aiden, you’re arm…”

“Just a scratch. Call if you hear anything, okay?” It wasn’t just a scratch, more like a nasty bite from a savage dog, but it had gotten better so it wasn’t exactly a lie. Besides, it had been five hours since Charlie had left the house and neither he nor Sarah had been able to get through to her on her mobile. The knowledge that Rafael was on his way to meet with the Alpha of the Red Dawn pack and with Charlie being alone and having nowhere to go, ha

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