Chapter 02

Elvis's [P.O.V]

I could not take it at all.

It was like I had suddenly gone mad, like science mad, since It was my own specimen that was my mate.

I walked out of the experiment Chambers and then back to his body just to still feel the same mate bond between ourselves.

How was it possible to be mated to him? 

It's a Man like me!

I was literally panicking.

I left and headed home as fast as I could, knowing fully well that the only person I could trust was my mum.

I had reached now and the auras I could feel were that of Luna's and Luna's to be.

They all came with the hopes that I might be their mate but my story is about to storm them till their minds get blown.

I went through the middle of the crowd that had gathered and was luckily unnoticed by my dearest friends.

Lucky me!

I rushed upstairs just to see my mum holding a suit with stripes of red and white and It looked cool as I saw it.

"Mum, something happened today at work," I said to her while she held my hand staring into my eyes with a serious look that I knew so much about.

She was not paying attention to what I was saying but carried a serious face so I'd believe that she was listening.

Before I could say a word again, I was already locked inside the bathroom.

"Take your bath speedily, so you can go and welcome the young beautiful Luna's that have come for your mating ceremony," Luna Mona says to me and I frown in the toilet.

How was I going to tell her?

Her son got mated to a man in ice.

"Mum It Isn't a mating ceremony, It is my birthday!" I corrected her and she laughed from outside as I felt really weirded out.

"But it is the day when you find your mate... You know what? Just never mind." she says and concludes on her own.

I call that self-talking.

I was done freshening up my body and I had put on the suit she left for me to wear and sprayed the designer perfumes my dad had bought for me with the hopes that what happened in the laboratory was just an Illusion of what Is to come.

I walked out of the room looking hot as the gown made my teenage eighteen years old body abs to show off.

when I flex it… It protrudes out of It.

Daniel was present together with his other colleagues and I could see them as I walked down from the stairs.

The new faces of the Alpha's and Luna's that I could see were making me so shy that I felt like climbing back up the stairs and staying there forever.

I wonder how come, some guys could look so hot that It even beams over their bodies and in their stares too.

My mum points to where the Luna's stood with their drinks and I beamed out of admiration of the Alphas.

I look at the luna in their most beautiful attire and they all talked about influential things that I really don't think no matter how I man up, I'd be able to talk like that in my life.

But who knows?

I might still be wrong.

"Good day, I'm Elvis," I said in their midst and they all turned to look at me, with all their eyes fixed on my body and for a moment there, I could already tell that they were lost in the beauty of my body.

My dad walks and stands behind me and they all order themselves in fear.

It was lovely to have met young-looking Luna's like they were.

But something was heating up in my chest… was I going to get someone else as a mate too?

"This is Luna Sarah, from one of the most powerful packs in London and Alpha Bair from France." My dad, the Alpha, introduced me to all of them and I addressed them respectfully with their titles which I am sure made their heads swell up like balloons.

I could already tell how playful they were. I didn't know how to calm them down or confess my sexuality.

The girls should be funny but not to behave extremely funny that they begins to seem stupid to me, just like these ones here.

I'm sure that even my wolf would reject them without thinking of managing any.

Why did I feel like grabbing an Alpha and riding him so badly?

I walked about searching If I could find that unique scent, the scent of vanilla and strawberry flavor but with no body request, I gave up.

I indeed needed someone who wasn't dead nor frozen, I wanted to feel him but now I am sure that my mate isn't here, and I know exactly where to find him.

I used the elevator and was now upstairs in my room. I grabbed my car keys and followed the back yard so that I could escape and be with my mate but then shock hit me as I saw my mum staring.

"Where are you rushing too? All the Luna's are present, you must not lose this chance for anything" she says with authority all over her voice but then with tears in her eyes.

I knew she was filling most of the gaps with her Luna powers, so that I'd yield to her words and head back in, but no… why was she crying.

"Why are you crying mum?" I asked, getting emotional immediately in return and she walked steps closer.

"So it's true Elvis… all the gay porn videos I found on your laptop and drawing of muscular comics since you were a kid!" She says holding her head together.

My heart beats in response.

"How mum?" I asked.

"Having a file called Top secret isn't a good enough name to hide your gay porn with sexy dudes videos son" she says smiling and I exhaled.

She didn't take it so Seriously… I covered my face feeling embarrassed at myself and she walked closer to me removing my hands over my face.

"I knew since you were a kid son, I just that maybe you were going to at the end get mated to a luna today but I guess I was wrong." She says giving me a hug in return.

"So you knew… wow! But my mate Isn't here mum. I have met him and I have to see him now" I said to her as I faced an open direction where she wasn't standing, to use and get to my car.

"I'd follow you then," She says to me and turns to follow me.

And I got into the car, followed by her as we drove to my office.

I went in and was now finally at the iced body.

"That is my mate." I said to my mum and she smiled at me but seeing that I was not smiling back, she understood that I was not in any way joking.

"What!?" She says shocked.

"Is he dead?" She asked.

She placed her palm over the ice and she looked at me with her eyes glowing green.

"No wonder, you were able to become his mate," She says to me with her eyes reddening with tears watering It.

"This alpha was frosted to this state by powerful magic and he is still alive even though It might seem that he's dead... He has peace and a very powerful aura." She said to me and I cleaned my eyes that had watered with tears, as I thought what possibly, I could tell the others about him.

"So what do you think we should do mum?" I asked Mona in tears of getting mated to an Alpha.

This has probably never happened before in history. 

Then she turned to look at me with a serious face as she said with a balanced voice tone.

"We have to take the body away," she said to me and I got instantly confused.

"Why?" I asked, surprised at her words.

"For the moon day." 

She says walking away from me.

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