Chapter 04

Elvis's [P.O.V]

I stood up from my bed thinking of wearing my white dress just to see that I was already putting it on, so all that remains right now...Is to head downstairs.

I rushed down the stairs only to almost hit myself at Luna, my mum.

"You look stunning son" my mum compliments me and I thanked her for providing It.

I turned towards where my mate was kept just to see him being carried up by the rogues and my mum signals for me to follow them as they left with him as well.

I was soon close to the chambers and my dad stood together with other elders at the entrance of the chambers with the moon shining so bright In Its beauty.

Other girls and boys of my age were at some area collecting white rope laces which were tied to their hands and I could not wait to get my own hands tied up.

I walked towards where they were only to be called by my dad by the other side.

I walked towards him with a bow... I greeted him, but then the next word that escaped from his mouth shocked me.

"You will not be given any white lace Elvis," he says to me and a deep confusion sets into me as It was normal for everyone to go into the chambers with their hands tied around with white rope laces.

"Why dad? How would I know that the moon goddess has granted my wish without my white rope lace?" I asked the alpha confused with his statement as I always knew that when the moon goddess grants your wish, your white lace tied over your hand would turn black.

"Cause you found out your only son is gay right?" I asked, annoyed.

"Being gay wasn't illegal remember dad? I was born like this." I burst into tears.

"Your frozen mate will stand as your white lace and If the moon goddess grants your wish, then he'd be set free," he said to me with so much wisdom that I just had to hug him and he kissed my forehead.

"Be safe dear, and don't forget to wish for what you know you really need?" he said to me and I nodded in understanding.

Was he trying to tell me to wish for a lady instead?

That was such a joke in reality.

I knew what I wanted.

I wanted my mate who had the abs, the fucking hot body that I knew was gonna bang the shit out of me.

I knew I would not mess up in any way and so will the other members of our pack too.

It was something that we have been taught for over eighteen years.

I walked away into the chambers and It looked magical, everywhere was white, and I could see others In their kneeling positions, I was then directed to the front where my frozen Alpha mate was kept.

I took my kneeling position and It was already three minutes before twelve o'clock.

The time that the moonlight would shine Itself into the chambers.

I took a look at my mate in his frozen Ice, thinking whether I should wish for a unicorn over him.

Well I wouldn't do that.

The sealing of the chambers began to automatically open with the moonlight already making Its way into the chambers.

Everyone began to enchant the words we were continuously taught for over eighteen years of our lives.

"Nakuratam" I said enchantingly and repeated those words In my kneeling position.

I held my neighbor's hand staring straight at my frozen mate.

There were a total of four hundred people who all had wishes to be granted by the moon goddess.

It was said that with all our hands held together as we enchanted, It will create a force causing the moon goddess to grant all our wishes and at rare times... Come.

"I wish for my mate to be free from his frozen state to his normal self," I said in my thoughts with my eyes wide open.

Everyone was staring at their white laces of ropes that they had placed before themselves as they are not to lose focus on when their wish has been granted.

As said, the light from the moon brought forth light rays that located itself over my face and I immediately closed my eyes as I could not bear the strength of the light.

My right neighbor's hand was released from my own and I could already tell that the person sitting next to me had been granted by the moon goddess.

But what about me?

I kept enchanting and never tried to lose focus on what I wanted to be granted.

I knew I needed a mate, an alpha that would serve as a partner who Understands my sexuality, so distraction cannot be a factor now.

But what if he doesn't fuck guys?

I heard and wished that he would wake up and love me.

Everywhere was filled with silence with my eyes still closed but able to see a shadow-like being walking closer to me.

Then I felt water over my palms as my hands were over my frozen Alpha mate thinking of how everyone felt about me now.

My wish must have been granted but then I felt something else, a hand wrapped Itself over mine and then released It slowly with water from nowhere pouring over my head slowly, and then It stopped.

"Open your eyes Elvis" I was instructed with a masculine voice that had so much peace that I had to accept the order.

I looked to see the moonlight shining so greatly over me and my alpha mate.

The Ice over him began to crack and break off into ice cubes with his body revealing Itself, still stiff but rising as he took a deep breath In and released It out.

"Listen to me Elvis, love your mate and be strong because your destiny still speaks." He says vanishing.

I held my mate to myself and darkness flooded the whole chambers as clouds covered the light of the moon so fast that I thought something bad was about to happen to me but then the lights came on.

I turned just to see that no one was in the chambers with me, except I and my mate who has now been set free.

The sealing was closed and everyone ran back into the chambers to see what happened, or probably If they would see a unicorn as funnily they might be thinking that I had wished for that over my mate.

My dad covered my already wet body with his coat and I stood up and everyone stared at me strangely.

My brownish hair was standing and had turned white in color with a few pieces of ice falling off my white silver stone gown.

My mate stood up on his feet from behind me but then fell back to the hard floor hitting his head and I felt the pain as I held my head whining.

He was my Alpha mate and I can't wait for him to wake up and talk to me, he was a guy like me.

It was intriguing.

Did he love only girls?

Or would he fuck me like a beast.

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