Chapter 08

Elvis's [P.O.V]

I had reached home in a rush and I transformed into my wolf self immediately as I parked my car and headed straight into the forest as I followed the scent of the alpha_my dad.

I simply can't believe that he decided to leave me behind without caring.

Damn impatient!

I ran as fast as my wolf paws could run but then later got his scent very hard to my nose and I came to a halt.

I continued only to hit myself on a rogue who immediately turned to attack me but on discovering that It was me... He yielded to my royal powers since I was the only son of the alpha, he's under.

I glared at him but took my eyes off him as I took a position, next to the alpha.

I have been trained to fight bloody and now that It's my mate that I have to save… Then the worst is about to happen!

We continued the sneaky walk an

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