Chapter 14

Aiden's [P.O.V]

The silence created in the shock emitting from His innocent body made me overjoyed of what I felt like doing and it was simply no good at all.

"What? I said suck it!" I ordered His using my alpha aura and he takes in a gulp of His saliva that I myself could even hear.

He looks at what he was holding with everything about His intriguing me the more as His sexy body was stunning me.

"Aiden... Aiden. we can't!" he said to me and I walked closer holding His red hair as he stood still with a hot breath coming out from His and hitting over my bare chest in front of His

My wolf kept pushing me to mark His after mating His and I know that since He's an alpha's daughter... I must pay to own His claiming rights before His pack.

I have stayed frozen in ice for a thousand years having no woman to free my stress with and I know that I do have one as my own mate... It must happen.

My claws drew out as His scent made e
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