Chapter 21

Rona's [P.O.V]

I ran into my toilet as I entered into the bathtub about to cry for the pleasure my body and wolf was tormenting me to go out and get.

My mating ceremony was over and so it's a must that I and Aiden mate ourselves but I had no pussy today but he asked me to kill the monster he called his brother and I simply feel something is wrong about it.

Another hit from the building happens where the werewolf monster was creating a sound that vibrated my whole room and every fiber of my being.

I walked out of my bathtub and went back to the same window as water dripped down my body with me drying my body and putting on new nightclothes as I stared out from the window.

I could see Aiden with red sharp spears running into the building where he was kept captive but then with my wolf stare, I discovered that the spear wasn't red because it was red in color but hot as it must have been kept to heat up in a fire.

The mating tension
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