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MegaNovel Author's Guidebook

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Prologue: What’s it for?
This guidebook is aiming to solve all your problems about being a SIGNED author on MegaNovel, like what benefits you can get as a signed author, what different contract types MegaNovel can offer and how the payment is made, etc. So, don’t forget to add it to your library. Read more
Exclusive And Non-Exclusive Contracts
Being a signed author of MegaNovel might be a milestone in your writing career. We offer two different contract types:1. Exclusive contract2. Non-exclusive contractEXCLUSIVE contract means that your novel can only be published on MegaNovel. If the novel has been published on other platforms, you should remove it within 30 days. The sooner, the better. But it's okay to put a few of your free chapters on other platforms to tell the readers to support your story on MegaNovel.NON-EXCLUSIVE contract means your novel can also be published on other platforms. But please know that you can only have it pay-to-read on other platforms, NOT free to read.#What about the income of Exclusive and Non-Exclusive contracts?Following is the newest exclusive and non-exclusive benefits plan that will come to effect from Jan. 1st, 2022The Exclusive reward consists of 3 parts:Signing Bonus $100$100 will be added to your account when your exclusive book reaches 50k words.*Note: You are eligible to ge
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Step 1: Before Signing the Contract
# How do I apply for a contract? When uploading a book on our platform, you will need to register an account on our website first and then start uploading your book chapter by chapter.  When you create a new book, the synopsis and book cover need to be reviewed to make sure there's no infringement or anything inappropriate. The reviewing process normally takes about 10 working days, and it may vary depending on how long the waiting list is. When we finish reviewing it, your book can be published and will be qualified to applying for contract. 

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Step 2: On Signing the Contract
#Will I have an editor/ a CE if I apply for a contract? Yes. The person who sends you the offer will be your editor and your only editor in MegaNovel, and you can ask him/her anything regarding your book or your contract.Read more
Step 3: After Signing the Contract
#What are the things I need to do after I sign a contract?   Here are 3 things you might want to check after you sign the contract with MegaNovel:   1. Fill in your payment info so that we'll be able to pay you. Go to your personal page using a DESKTOP and you'll find it. (You can't fill in payment info on your phone)   2. Usually, after you have 10 or 15 chapters, you can apply for premium. Please contact your editor about setting the premium chapters (paid chapters) for your book.   Read more
FAQ #About Payment
Payment Method & Account Info   #Payment Method   We can pay you by bank transfer, and Payoneer. Payoneer is most recommended because you will receive payment soon after we send it out. For bank account payment, it may take some time before you can get it.   Please fill in the payment information carefully, if the payment information is filled incorrectly, you will bear the risk of payment failure. If the payment fails, it will automatically be passed on to the following month; if it’s successful but made to a wrong address due to fal
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FAQ #Copyright, Contract Terms
#What is copyright and what happens to my copyright if I sign the contract? As an author, copyright of a book usually refers to your right to upload this book on any platform. In exclusive, you lose your copyright of this book. You will only have this contracted book on MegaNovel, and it should not be present on any other platform except this one. Copyright does not mean that your book, your idea will be written by someone else or will be named on someone else. You will still be the author of the book and you will still have the complete right to how your story progresses and what end it has. The only limit i
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FAQ #Edit chapters and book info
#I want to proofread my story to make sure there are no grammar mistakes. Can my editor proofread the book for me? We are sorry but proofreading or polishing the story is not a part of our editors' job in MegaNovel. If you need to proofread your story, you can use grammar-check tools such as Grammarly. And if you need better proofreading, you can find professional proofreaders on the Internet to help you with your grammar and language.  #My editor wants me to edit my book, what should I do? Congrats! If your editor proposes to you to ed
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FAQ #Feature and Promotion
#How can my book get a promotion? Each book has 3 promotion chances: 1. Signing Promotion (with at least 50k words): The book will be automatically promoted, you don't need to contact your editor now, keep updating! 2. 80k words Promotion: Editor's recommendation. Please contact your editor for promotion. 3. Stable updating Promotion: You can contact your editor for another promotion if your book meets the requirements below: a. Release no less than 2 chapters a day, b. Update at least 25 days in a month, c. Release over 2,500 words a day. #How do I know my book got promoted? Check out your profile page - Stats Centre with your laptop! You will find the promotion history and the relevant data there. #How does the promotion work? All signed books have a chance to be promoted, but as you may have noticed, the spots on the app are very limited so there is a complex algorithm developed by the marketing team for choosing books to be promoted. You may wonder why some books s
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How to Write A Good Web Novel
Edited by Charlotte Holmes1. Main Character (MC) has to be presented to the readers within 300 words.2. The first conflict has to occur before the end of the first chapter. 3. Within 3 chapters, the best-selling point of the book has to be fully revealed to the readers (ex: the system/special skills/golden finger/a great amount of money that the MC has/been given). 4. Within 10 chapters, the plot has to meet its first big climax and the first conflict need to be solved already. 5. After solving the first conflict, there should be a major plot development. At least 3 subplots should be foreshadowed and start going. No matter they’re about MC will get more equipment, learn advanced skills, level up or begin an adventure. The character growth that all the readers are expecting to see depends on these!6. There should be 3 main plot twists throughout the book, the first one should be finished when the book reaches 100k words.7. Every main plot twist should be divided into a few s
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