128 : Honest
We were almost stunned by the rapid turn of events. We just sat on the floor in silence, stunned and deep in thought. Our knees and bodies were almost so weak that we could not stand where we were, nor did we feel sleepy because of what happened. But that day we chose to forget all that we witnessed. It's hard and not easy, but we have to forget about that or our thoughts will mess us up forever. Five days later, while we were lying on the floor sleeping, I suddenly woke up to a noise I heard from outside the door. I got up to find out what was going on there, but it was so dark I couldn't see anything. So, I woke up Simon, who was sleeping next to me. He gets angry at first, but I tried to wake him up until Rita also woke up.

“What is the problem?” Simon asked me while his eyes were still closed, and he was obviously still sleepy.

“You, why did you wake up?” I asked Rita while rubbing her eyes.

“I'm hearing a noise from outside. I've been hearing it for a while, but I'm just ignori
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