Chapter 172

Andrew's condition had improved. He was later released from the hospital and returned to their home. But first they did not go directly to Mara's house, but to the home he came from, where he grew up and lived with his parents. He was still with his girlfriend, and they went inside holding hands.

From the door, the girl could feel the extreme nervousness in her chest to see and observe the condition of Andrew's father. She stopped for a moment in front of the door, so the young man turned and looked at her.

“Mara, are you okay?” he inquired when he noticed she hesitantly went inside.

“I don't know, but I'm nervous.” She sent a weak message to the young man, and he approached her and held her hand again.

“Don't worry, I'm just always here next door and Dad's still in good shape. So, you don't have to worry.” In what he said. He also seemed to convince the girl, but there was still fear and trepidation in her heart.

As the two of them walked into the room, she looked around first. The m
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