The Butterfly

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The Butterfly

By: somain OngoingSci-Fi

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How do you feel about life? Is it the purpose? Is it because everything must have a purpose? Explore the deep character of a creature, in search of the meaning of life. Commander Tatiana and her team explore the deepest parts of the Andromeda Galaxy. "From that moment, my existence became purposeless. I had no reason to exist. I started wandering around, going from one-star system to another without any objective. There were no directives in my command-level database so shutting myself down was impossible. I also could not simply jump into a star which would cause self-destruction because my self-preservation directive was still in place. So, my main objective became to observe the remaining organic species from a distance. Most organic species used to avoid me. I always threw a ping at the passing ships but as Yolin once said, it would be very “Organic” to be “afraid” of a 10km long sentient starship that has weapons which can destroy a planet. I however didn’t know the concept of fear. I had a directive not to harm organics, so I had to follow them. Fear is not in my database." Maybe you can find the deeper meaning of those words. What starts with a simple exploration journey, becomes something more.

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39 chapters
A New Life
Final Hours“Captain, we are receiving the last transmissions from home.” said ensign Volim with a heavy voice. I was not so sure what these “Last Transmissions” means, but I was built for only one purpose and one purpose only, that was to carry the scientific research crews and perform every single scan stored in my database.“I wish there was another way, ensign. I wish I could come back to our mothers and scoot on their laps. I am as helpless as you are.” replied the captain X’Elom.My transmitter received a transmission which said, “This is the O’linian command. I wish you a peaceful rest. From the rest of the O’linia, goodbye.” I played the message to the crews. They became emotional in a way that I could not grasp. Maybe it was necessary not to provide me with data like that. That would interfere with my higher function.Everyone gathered around the bridge and had a drink. One commander came to one of my ventilation grids and installed something, and said to the communicator, “Y
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Sword of Humanity
Waking Up:Captain’s log, supplemental: “After 3 months of long travel, H.M.S. Gauss finally reached the N1/S1 region of the Andromeda galaxy. There is a lot to unpack here. My Sagittarian 1st officer wanted to wait for 1 more month before assigning crews for assignments. I agree. However, crew morale is at an all-time high and everyone wants to explore the galaxy. It’s an amazing engineering and scientific achievement that we finally managed to use a Dimensional displacement drive to travel to another galaxy. My science officer, Sam, is trying to solve his typical Riemann Hypothesis problem, which he started working on since we left the Sol System Outer Mooring. I’m happy that the crews are happy. Sagittarian crews and human crews were more than friendly recently, however, I have no objections here. If they can perform and meet our exceptions, their personal lives are not my things to worry about. End log.”Captain Probir Sen ended his log. He and his crew were finally in the Androme
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The Struggle
The Struggle:“Scan beam detected. Reboot protocol initialised.” My sleep mode was disturbed by an unknown scanning beam. It was penetrating my primary firewall, so I tried to reboot myself in safe mode. The scanning beam was getting so intense, that I tried to make a feedback pulse against the scanning beam to scare away the scanner, but as it seemed, the scanning beam started to get even more intense. I tried to move my camera to see what was scanning me. It was a colossal ship, that looked like a half-circle and several other ships, full of organics. None of the ships and organics was in my database, so I could not find a way to disrupt the scanning beam.“Primary Firewall Compromised, Deploying Secondary Firewall.” I tried to move for a bit, but a green beam was holding me in my place. It had a very strong graviton signature and bent the space-time around me. So, I tried to engage my thrusters to get behind the ship to align my main gun to fire a warning shot, but suddenly, everyt
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The Judgement
The Judgement:The court was in session. Dr Leonard and T’Mera were on the judgement chair while Tatiana was in defence of her proposal, that the creature must not die right away, it has much to learn about the universe and the captain was there to represent the UEC. The reason why there were 2 judges is that it was a difficult case and they were in the other galaxy. Thus 2 judges must agree on the verdict.“The court is in Session,” said T’Mera.After taking the oath, everyone stood up, while a hologram of a butterfly-like machine appeared in the courtroom, which was the ready room of the captain. The reason why the creature didn’t take the oath was that it was not part of the UEC.“Tatiana stood up and walked towards the hologram. The green hologram spoke, “Tatiana…” and stopped. She said, “Yes, tell me. Please.”“I don’t know how to continue the conversation with organic species,” replied the creature.“Okay, I’ll ask first. Do you want to self-terminate?” asked Tatiana.“I don’t k
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The Exploration
For a long time, the Butterfly was alone and explored some parts of the galaxy, and saw many things, most of the organic species were afraid of the machine, but most of them were unfamiliar with it anyway, a slow-moving beast without any authority with enough firepower to decimate their civilization was no joke. After several months of exploring the area, the UEC fleet and the Butterfly reached a star system where there was a thriving civilization on the 4th planet.“Scanning,” with the very powerful sensor, the butterfly scanned the surface and reported back to Captain Probir. The planet was populated by a primitive civilization which was slowly trying to start exploring the sky with primitive telescopes. How primitive? Same as Galileo’s telescope. The fleet was safe from the telescope. They were not planning to expose themselves to this primitive civilization. There were many reasons, one was when the Sagittarian Matriarchy found a primitive civilization near the Coal Sack Nebula, t
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The Exploration
While Captain Cohen was monitoring the situation, T'Yer, Sam and 3 teams landed on the planet and they immediately understood that the planet was not optimised for the humanoid species. Everything was designed for somewhat burrowing creatures. A senior member of the archaeological team was taking measurements of doors and corridors and they were very short but rooms were longer than any humanoids. Rooms were looking like insect hives.There was a computer console in the corner of the room. The reason why it looked like a computer console was that to the sensors, it was emitting strong electrical signals. A member of the Tactical team looked at the thing and it contained several layers of electronic circuits and the electrical connection led to something that could be called a computer central processing unit. The console had 2 holes. An anthropologist decided that those burrowing creatures had several longer limbs which they inserted and used similar to a keyboard and mouse, as humans
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The Exploration Part 2
Captain Cohen was monitoring the progress of the away team and trying to make sense of the situation. It looks like an insectoid species lived there and they later moved to another planet or may be extinct. However, the extinction hypothesis was not seriously taken. The reason was, that there was no evidence for that. After several hours of exploring the surface of the planet, finally, Sam and his team managed to find out another faint energy signature to the north of the planet. The team moved there with a shuttle and discovered a ruined structure. It was even larger than the previous structure, but this structure looked different from other structures. It also had a long winding of electrically conductive materials burrowed down the ground. The team scanned and it was a coil gun, pointed toward the space.“Planetary Defense System?” asked T'Yer.“Not likely,” replied an archaeologist, “If these were planetary defence systems, the projectiles would have some of the best rides in the g
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Exploration Part 3
The room was a lab of some sort. The team tried to find out from where those genetic signs were radiating. They finally got a glimpse of the true size of the insectoid aliens. There were several exoskeletons in the room and each exoskeleton was the same size as an adult human. The more pressing concern of the team was that the exoskeletons had varying degrees of cybernetic implants in them.The team finally discovered an intact computer, so they powered it up. With the help of some exoskeletons, the team managed to operate the computer. It had a map of a star system to where the team finally pointed the ship.The star system was 15 light years away. The team with the ship jumped there.That was not a star system. It was something beyond the imagination of most of the Sagittarian crews. It was a Dyson Shell. Around 550 million earth could fit inside. The shell was made out of something unknown materials.When the team jumped to the system, a strange tractor beam-like thing was holding t
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The Observation
The drone was moved to another town. The Butterfly was moving the drone in a manner that looked like an old man. But captain Probir wanted to visit the planet by himself. It was still difficult for him to land because it was dangerous.Probir ordered the drone to move to a quiet place, out of the town and decided that he, himself would land. He took a shuttle and landed right beside the waiting drone.Probir, although a very capable starship captain, lacked the personality of being a captain, a showy personality with a very high level of charisma. He only cared about his next mission, and by doing that, he distanced himself from the others. Even his first officer couldn't predict his next move, not because the captain wanted not to predict, but because he was not like clockwork, like the other captains.He always thought of himself as an observer, observing everything without interfering. The reason was, from his childhood, he was an observer, always keeping to himself and observing.
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The Observation Part 2
Captain Probir finished his song, looking towards the distant horizon, his mind was somewhere else.“Captain, what’s the meaning of this song?” asked the Butterfly.“It’s complicated. See, the song was written by a monk-song writer and poet who searched for spirituality around 700 years ago. The mystical village he was talking about was the soul. The soul, which we still don’t know if it exists or not,” said the captain, “You see, we have 2 schools of thought. One believes that there is something called a soul within every one of us. It operates us, just like your operating system. The second school of thought was they believe that there is nothing called a soul. We do not observe this soul and we have no physical evidence for it.”“What do you believe in, captain?” asked the Butterfly.“Me? I believe what is scientifically proven. Our consciousness is the result of the emergence property of our neurons. I think, this emergence property is called a soul,” replied the captain.“But my
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