Chapter 185

“It's Aconitum napellus.” Gray, Paul’s uncle and also a great doctor, said. They are currently taking Baron to his home to determine what really poison has entered his body.

“Napellus? If i'm not mistaken, this is the kind of flower that is poisonous?” said Nadia to him.

They were outside his house and they were all sitting in the garden.

“You're right, it's a kind of hardy plant. Aconitine is also known as wolfs bane. Some hunters used it in the past and put it in their bows or sharp weapons so that they could immediately knock down the animal or the enemy. It's a good thing you brought him here right away because if you took him to the hospital, he might die there as well.” he explained.

“But uncle is he really okay? Isn't it dangerous for his body?” Paul asked his uncle.

“I can't say he's fine and he will survived to the poisonous flower. He can still feel pain in some parts of his body. I've just given him a sedative so far and some medicine that can fight the poison inside his bo
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