Parallels I

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Parallels I

By: ArcDreamer OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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A travel through time and space. Those who question the reality and where they really belong to. The ones who've travelled not only by mind, but by body to different realities - how did they manage? Did they recall it all upon return? The story of the ones who went through the different parallels, living lives and coming back, switching into new self, boosting knowledge... But facing the throwback of pain and loss of those who are loved. She is deemed a Witch. He seeks for her real self through the many dimensions, trying to unravel the hidden secrets, using means of war, power and strength. But that's not all to the story. There is way more at play.

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His breathing was heavy and abrupt. Unable to move. Body held by exoskeleton. Lower half is already sunk to the floor. Legs scraped and cut by broken glass. Some bits are already stuck in flesh. Eyes having trouble focusing. His white hair is sticking to forehead.He is bleeding. Unable to even cry. Pain is excruciating. Yet he is already exhausted to be minding it. He’s got no idea how the glass pod broke – he woke up to pain. Still all the wires are connected to his body. Needles scraping inside of him – tearing flesh. Internal bleeding is severe by now.From what he sees in this room – it has been decades. Many years since everyone got killed. Mummified corpses of researchers are left around, in the same places they were shot. The stench is sickening.Facility running on reserve energy supply from hell knows where. Air is heavy, dusty, and most of the research lab is raided and destroyed. Yet quite a lot is still here and operating. Perhaps thieves just don’t know how valuable equi
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Chapter 1 “Young Winter Morning”
/ErickRoom is filled with sounds of Radiohead music, it is playing quietly in the background, as I stroll to the kitchen to make my morning coffee.Amazing weather outside - all bright and white. It is rough and cold outside. Pleased to enjoy it from here – my humble home.There are always moments when you just go on shivering from the view of something very chilly. Perhaps there’s something that is built inside you to automatically get such a reaction.As I am making my chocolate coffee I observe scenery outside. Sun is reflecting its light upon the white snow - making it “blinding obstacle” for the eyes to focus.Yet eyes manage to look at the landscape spreading further: great forest valley just underneath, the snow gently covering each tree branch, each rock.Keeping the earth pleasingly under the white blanket. Beauties of living high up on the hill. Pretending to be a mountain man on the inside, yet externally I’m quite far from one.To explain a bit about my world…Due to us g
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Chapter 2 “Flower Rain”
/ErickA new Garden opened near my house.I enjoy the flowers and taking care of them, though I am not as good at it as I’d likeI’ve a feeling that there are a lot of us – who are really enthusiastic about flowers and plants, but at times it just doesn’t work out.Such an amazing opportunity to go and take a look at new breeds of flowers, bushes, trees - plainly just to enjoy the flora itself.For me - it’s art. Plants differ from one another, yet all seem in so much harmony.There are great architects specialising in creating landscapes that change each season – using plants, knowledge and imagination.Usually I’m alone during my walks, to savour the moments, but today I had Orchid accompanying me.Orchid wanted to take some time to understand my point of view regarding flowers. She is not fond of the whole idea and process. She said it is too time consuming – that you have to care for it. That's another point of view.We were pacing through the arch of wisteria. Purple flowers hung
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Chapter 3 “The Night in the Kitchen”
/ErickInsomnia - greatest self-destructive system. It comes out when you are troubled, floating somewhere in between reality and dream.My only safe place, no matter where and how... I’m drawn to the kitchen.It seems quite strange by many means. As I, grown-up, sit on the kitchen floor. Hands holding a cup of coffee, eyes staring into space. Like that shadow over there is the answer to something that is bothering me.But all I really see is just the hollow nothingness of that point blank I stare into. The dreams of dying ‘Light’ recently keep me up through the night.Somehow this bit of cold place called the kitchen is just where I feel safe. In a way, like in a story by Banana Yoshimoto “Kitchen”, yes, somehow to some of us it is the best place to “hide”. This moonlit darkness, in blue hues, really makes me feel at ease.When I was in the room, on his bed... His bed?Head shook a few times, fingers brushing through hair.“Who is Light? What have I forgotten?” - thinking to self, as
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Chapter 4 “Water Petal”
/ErickDawn - with darkness fading, it’s getting brighter.Still in bed. Feeling the warmth of sheets on my skin. Breathing in chilly air.Oh, I did leave the window opened for the night.Cannot recall the dream I had. As the morning goes - have to get up. Today there’s plenty of work in need of my attention.Getting up from the bed was the toughest part. My tendency of liking towards the warmth is bigger than love for cold. Fetching next to bed my long sleeve shirt and jeans to wear for today.Although it’s the end of summer, yet mornings are pretty chilly. Thin frost clinging to petals, grass and trees, covering houses and window sills. I find it fascinating to observe the transition from the crystals of cold into the tiny water drops. That eventually falls down or evaporates, uncovering a world with enhanced contrast.My room looked like a schizophrenic mess created by some stray artisan, who went through here as a gust of wind. Multiple canvases, books, paints, brushes, papers wit
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Chapter 5 “When Butterflies turn to Ash”
/ElyonSo called “entertaining” day at work. Meetings, documentation, preparations, chatting about mundane matters and making jokes about the strangeness of the life cycle. One might say it’s a typical work day.I had my research in stacks. Each representing a specific topic related to the general file, that read - “Erick Sparrow /Lazy Cat/”.Few knew that I became his house mate just to figure out the strange occurrence of the logical irrationality. Sadly to say, Lazy Cat was my experiment patient, who gave the strange information. He seemed like the fine person, up until the point when he was expressing the involvement with this parallel universe and a strange person he relates to.At first it seemed like an appearance of alter ego. Maybe due to false information which could plunder into his head from someone or something. But with every passing day this hypothesis began to clash and crumble. It was not supported by any reasonable explanation. Erick was an absolutely strange patient
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Chapter 6 “Rain Fades Away”
/ElyonSituation became entwined. No longer things seemed the same. Definitive statement of change over 13.1%. Brain can notice the difference, if the difference is around 13.1% or more.This case was just a rich mass of things that could not add up.I kept on looking at my screen. Reading my own words that I typed, but couldn’t believe in. Most normal beings would not believe such strange ‘natural’ occurrence. Something like, another creature showing up in front of your eyes? And even conversing with you?My report looks like a bag of crazy. How am I supposed to explain the situation? How do I explain something I encountered for the first time?Writing up a report - task of extraordinary difficulty. No matter how much I looked over the situation - solutions of the right words didn’t come.I went over the details of creature projections, of particle magnetism, light reflections, clusters and flows. These could be nothing of the same feel and view I’ve seen. Astral projections? Is that
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Chapter 7 “Shadow of Dim Light”
/Elyon...Running through the city, not looking back, frightened.There is something unknown chasing you.You run into a small alleyway behind the nearest building.Everything your eyes look upon – broken, devastated. War recently finished, leaving a ruined town.I’m left with a beast that is chasing me, with an urge to kill.This endless feeling of fear. Kind of fear that is gripping your throat, making you unable to scream for help, unable to let out a word, your body shaking, your mind constantly paranoid.Right then - someone, another one of my kind, takes my hand and pulls me away. To the inside of the building, closing doors behind. Carefully. Silently. This someone keeps pulling me further along, holding my hand. Up the stairs, hall, another flight of stairs, hallway and stairs again. Though I’m pulled by this stranger, I can’t make out how this person looks. He or she? But this person is just soundlessly floating through the halls.We reach the top floor, open the old wooden d
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Chapter 8 “Three Blossoming Flowers”
/ElyonShe let out a short giggle and went back to making coffee. I opened my eyes, feeling my cheeks burn.“I see you haven’t got your cherry popped yet. So sweet.” - Her sarcastic remark made me beet red.She was absolutely calm - making coffee like nothing had taken place. Like nothing happened.Her voice made me get back to the time of “now”.“At times,” - She began, - “I feel like me and Erick are like shadow and light. I prefer the role of the supporter, from side lines, just keeping watch over from shadows. Therefore I’m a shadow. Fully aware of Erics’ fame and success as a good artisan. He is fine, young and in momentum. Has more of the inner “prosperity”, as he once said.” - She grabbed onto the coffee pot handle, - “I’ll take it with us, so we can enjoy chat outside without worrying about refill.”Niko took cups to the conservatory. With a little fiddling - she opened the side touch pad navigation of the room. After pressing commands in - the soft mechanical sound buzzed. Fr
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Chapter 9 “White Hare”
/DavidI stood watching changes outside the window: skyscrapers, smog, people, cars, noises – forever running engine. In the reflection of the window - seeing self with my hair white, eyes brown-green, figure slim, wearing jeans and holding a glass of whiskey. In the background - the sound of shower turning down, then a person walks into the room.“Are you sure Niko won’t damage them badly? Because I am definite that her indulging in sweet temptations shall pull that girl at risk.”- I turned to face my lover. - “Erick, are you listening?”“Ehh… So? She does what she feels like. As long as it doesn’t cause any problems for me - I am not getting involved in what she does. She has her way of sorting problems.” – Erick breathed out as he was getting dressed. – “And why would she concern you now, huh, David?”Erick gave me a jealous glance. I kept my cool, as I downed my whiskey.“Cat, you’re not the only one having a relationship with Niko. I shall remind you that there is more than just
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