Chapter 224 - Wreak Havoc

Chapter 224 - Wreak Havoc

Where he also met for the first time, and their meeting happened unexpectedly, resulting in almost killing each other. Koko showed a severe face about thinking of something so strange.

In the end, he agrees to Kitsune's request, but there is something special he wants to know before allowing the two to spend the night at his house now.

"You guys aren't demons, or something, are you?" when the question is like a thunderbolt in the daytime.

"Of course not," Kitsune answered spontaneously. Alex looked at him in disbelief at what the fox demon was talking about. He tried to believe Kitsune, then nodded his head too.

Koko looked happy after hearing Kitsune's answer, and then she told the butler to prepare separate rooms for Alex and Kitsune. You can see the girl's disappointed face because she has lost her chance to tease Alex.

Meanwhile, Alex was pleased to hear the room was separated from Kitsune and himself. Instantly Alex felt g
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