My Half Alien Bloody System

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My Half Alien Bloody System

By: Ray Genus OngoingGames

Language: English

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Alex Valley is a teenager saved by his grandfather Tom Valley from alien validation on earth. In 2022, in a country not far from where the first destruction started. One of the strongest countries began an expansion of the territory to show its military power base and dared to attack the small part next to it. Player Info [Personal: Louisville] [Conquest: Half Alien Blood System] [Level: 002] About [Began 2100/02/25] [UID: 610489218] [Harem: 4/84] [Guild: Not added] Main Lineup [1. Susanoo - SSR] [2. Kitsune - SSR] [3. Empty] [4. Empty] [5. Empty] [Friends Request: 0/30] I got this idea from a game, and it’s a hentai game. I’ll get it on discord. You can find something good on my Patreon: Patreon/ray genus This picture is not original. Please tell me to take it down. #System #LitRPG #Virtual Reality #Leveling Up

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493 chapters
Chapter 1 – My Half Alien Bloody System
Chapter 1 – My Half Alien Bloody SystemEven though it was early in the morning, the smell of old exhaust produced by his vehicle had caused pollution during the trip. The people they met stared with strange and sharp gazes. This is all the work of his grandfather, who likes old things. Moreover, the roof of their car was open more clearly that embarrassing along the road. The right choice to choose a high sweater for the chin for today helps hide facial expressions.His grandfather sat beside him, driving an old 1976 car.'I'm sure this car was around before he was born,' he thought.Alex watched an alien who was not much different from the man sitting there. Playing with the lawnmower using the machine attached to his hand. The iron serrations can slash quickly.[Breeeet]When the green light flashed again, he couldn't help but sigh. Shiny cool cars passed over his head, very different from what he was riding now. However, the road can still be passed well by the vehicle.'What a pa
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Chapter 2 - Me? System?
Chapter 2 - Me? System?Just wanted to sit down. The screen in front lights up."Alex! You're late again." There was an extraordinary robotic sound. The campus had not yet fixed the system.Not wanting to argue, he stood listening to her rambling on the same thing about skin color.'He can't even afford the repair himself. That sounds like my grandfather's car exhaust.'Twenty minutes later, the chatter was finally over. Jordan tries to get Alex to take off his sweater to embarrass him.The splinter caught in the silver hair, only he looks the same in this part. The lesson begins. The smoke coming from the explosion outside is not heard. It has become routine every day. There will be destruction at least once a week or genocide against silver-skinned aliens who openly insult the elite.City officials would execute them publicly, first removing them from prison and then implanting a large needle into the sole through the calf, sending fluid to melt the bones and finally getting electro
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Chapter 3 – The Circle
Chapter 3 – The Circle"I have no interest in you, so stop offering me." He felt that everything his grandfather gave him was just a boring soap advertisement or promotion. So far, the things that are looked strange.Once upon a time, on their 17th birthday, all Lyes* can get rocket boots that can fly and take them for a walk to their favorite place. Tom even gave a robot dog to the children."Don't look at me like that. Just look at this." He said while seducing Alex to take his birthday present.'I put out a lot of Lyes* to buy things you like, and I only got this?' when he walked away, leaving Tom busy assembling junk.His chest suddenly hurt, then disappeared. His heart disease was acting up again, but he could recover instantly. He left his medicine in class. Feeling better, Alex put his pointed ear against the cold metal while trying to keep them from getting in."Jordan, stop. He has nothing to do with your current hunt." The sound of another alien ruin their show. While wearin
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Chapter 4 - Second explosion of vandalism
Chapter 4 - Second explosion of vandalismA small hose came out, revealing a large needle and another smoke that read [Archdemon power transfer]'It's finally here,' said Tom in his heart.He is a creature being chased by a swarm of elite military aircraft.Its wings flapped vigorously above the sky, carrying its stout body while controlling its attack speed. Every time it swings, the support feathers fly from the sides, releasing tiny splinters causing anything that hits them to explode above the ground.The metropolitan city is busy directing all aliens to evacuate immediately. They issue residents around the university to hide in the places that have been provided. The streets are congested and dynamic. The police put up a warning line.From the west appeared a tank carrying a self-propelled satellite."Target found, destroy him immediately!" shouted a commander in charge of the heavy weapons that had just arrived."Wait until there is an order to shoot him!" another said, the voic
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Chapter 5 - Overload
Chapter 5 - OverloadAs a demon lord, he didn't want the land of his worship to be handed over to the nations of another planet, choosing to reclaim it.Casting a variety of magical attacks that can kill their weapons, Tom sends out flames that sabotage the laser snout from one of the approaching planes. Then crushed it with his hand.The flying bird shook violently. Its entire body emitted a fiery red glow and instantly exploded.The commander who watched his comrade's plane crash and broke down gritted his teeth. With sharp eagle eyes, he moved closer."Careful, Orid!" interrupted Ember warning him."You mind your own business and destroy the meteoroids right there." He snapped.Tom felt the anger coming from one of the planes turned towards it. He smiled as he waited for his arrival."Human, just a slave!" shouted Orid."You newcomer, bastard!" replied Tom.The plane fired all the weapons he had, and his comrades took out the demon lord, and the woman pressed the big red button, tu
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Chapter 6 - Returning at home
Chapter 6 - Returning at homeThe sound of a colleague's ear-tickling awakened him from his daydream."Hey, bastard! Are you listening to me?" came a familiar voice to Ember."I can hear you clearly, Orid." The answer began to despair and put a yellow ornament decorated with beautiful carvings."Why did you stop your fire? My plane can't move. Where are you?" he said giddily."Well, um… I was at a place a bit far from where we gathered earlier. You know, take a stand." He replied while looking around.The location that Ember meant was a place far from the city, more precisely around their artificial desert, the aliens. Even though the sand used is very different, the waves can be used for surfing or boarding a boat.The current situation is not good. The place is empty and far away in an urban area, about 3000 km."What do you do there? Quickly shoot the meteor." He shouted again."Yeah, yeah…" his voice trailed off.[Hufth] Ember took a deep breath."Orid, thank you for everything yo
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Chapter 7 – Back Home
Chapter 7 – Back HomeAlex was trapped there like an embryo about to hatch. A light blue mucous membrane enveloped the young alien's body.He came out as he had just been born, drenched in the liquid."Ugh.." he interrupted while wagging his whole body, getting rid of the discomfort around him."I hate the weird things he always gives me."Alex glanced around the bathroom. The last time he could remember Jordan and his friends trying to gang upon him. Then it shone and was trapped in the strange object.His eyes darted to the nearest window. He jogged to see what was outside. Just touching the glass, the wall collapsed in the blink of an eye.[Brugh] Alex was stunned at sight before his eyes. Everything was destroyed, leaving nothing. The smoke and dust that flew in the place caught the high ground in front of the eyes. Slowly get out of there and leave the talisman his grandfather gave him."This isn't the last place I'll be." He said, realizing that there were no other buildings beh
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Chapter 8 - Malachite
Chapter 8 - MalachiteAlex is one of the best athletes in bluff lengths. He also got second place won at his school, firm grip, and was able to sort out the handles with which to lift his 154-pound. He didn't need a net or anything like that for protection.His legs are also very agile. That's why he can run long distances from Jordan during yesterday's incident. Unfortunately, Jordan has good smelling and piercing eyes. The unique alien has animal DNA, and some have multiple combinations.The young man pointed his hand and grabbed something so soft accidentally, then threw it back. He didn't know what he just held because it was covered in dirt and other disgusting things."I'm so hungry. I shouldn't have fought with him before going to school." He said, sighing.==========He was leaving a deep regret because find Tom circling in the sky without using any tools."It's magic, kid." He replied, laughing cheerfully.His characteristic laugh also sounded like a pig taking a nap."Stop i
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Chapter 9 – The House of Memories and wood.  
Chapter 9 – The House of Memories and wood. The only thing that remained was the canyon ledge. Alex stared ahead. He doubted he would make it past the other side if they fell now. The crumbs of the earth began to decline little by little. He stood up, trying to focus.Tear off the damaged clothing and wrap it around both hands to avoid pain. Taking advantage of the swing on the tree, he began to take some distance backward. This was not like the stories she used to see as a child on school screens, swinging in the forest with an apron to cover his crotch.This time life and death depended on precision and strength to reach there. Alex swung with all his might pushing his massive body. Malachite sensed that he would not get to the shore wanting to help.He tried to swing as hard as possible to push his body away, repeatedly moving the roots. The tree could no longer defend its place of residence when Alex chose to let go of his hands.Malachite gave a slight nudge using
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Chapter 10 – Love and Truth.
Chapter 10 – Love and Truth.The smoke was billowing appetizing. Alex immediately took over the object in his grandfather's hand, grabbed the cloth to protect the skin, and then grabbed it. Tom, who immediately smiled when he saw his favorite grandson, took the initiative to do this. The young man immediately ate the ginger cake that had not been decorated. It was he only ate mushrooms and fruit for several days. His grandfather turned to prepare a cup of tea. Alex was busy dipping honey in the still-hot dish. "Grandfather, what's wrong with our place?" Ask, immediately remember the circumstances around. "What is going on?" Tom asked his grandson back, carrying a dragon-patterned tray made of mahogany. Alex put the food down and looked at him, looking at the face that didn't know what the young man said. Thousands of kilometers were dark, and not a single alien was seen here, and this forest was still well-maintained. Even the trees and animals that inhabit it are not affected by
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