Being a Billionaire's Son
Being a Billionaire's Son
Author: Chessman
Life the other way

I am Sam, the son of a dad name is James Charles, while my mom name is Anita Charles. I am the only child in the family, I am seventeen this year. Today my dad told me the craziest thing. We were having breakfast, when my dad said , sam“I want the best for you”. I was confused at first, then he said. “You will be attending another school for your final year”. “Are we traveling? , I asked, hasty”. He was paused for a while, he finally said, “we are not traveling, I have enrolled you in omega high school “. My mom finally spoke in the discussion, “where is that located, I haven't heard of that name before”. “It is located at my hometown” my dad told my mom. “That way too far honey, you can't put our son in such stress”. I puzzled, “mom, it not going to be stressful, trust me I can handle it. “No, you can't son, always siding your father. I won't allow it”. “Anita let our son decide for once, you have always chosen for him “my dad raise his voice a little. Okay, okay, before you say am I spoiling him, my mom said frowning her face. “Okay decided Sam dad said softly”. “Since dad recommend it, I am definitely going”. yes, that my son dad said laughing. My Mom left frowning her face, you know he will undoubtedly choose to go.

Moment later. Me and dad were still chatting, my mom yelled " James, James, what have you done. I was frightened, “ what happened mom. I ran towards her. “ How could you, James, how could you rate our son so low? “Mom what the problem” I am beginning to get worried. “That unrefined school, is that where you are sending our son to, my mom yelled once more. “ It is not an unrefined school, they have principles and morals. And our son has agreed to go”.”that because he hasn't seen it, Sam come take a look at the school, my mom pointed the phone to me”. I glance through all the photos. Dad quickly jumped in.” I don't hate our son, just that, he needs to see the world differently, father said in a considerate manner. “ You hate him, James, how could you do this if you don't hate him? The room got all noises. “There is nothing wrong here, I finally said to calm them down. My mom reach to me “don't let your dad deceive you, the school isn't your class, you won't gain anything there” my mom said calmly. My dad pop in, " attending the best School doesn't mean you will be successful in life, I made it here, but I didn't attend the best, son I am only trying to help you see the world differently. “ That not what you are doing, what you are you doing now is sending him to an early grave, the environment is not clean, there are boys, who can influence our son in negative habits, their standard of education is inferior. “My mom roared. Anita let the boy speak for himself, “my father frown. My mom comes closer to me, she grab my hands. I had to speak, Dad I have always wanted to be like you, you have always told me about your youthful days, I didn't experience this hardship or struggles because you became successful, for that, I am grateful, I respect any of your decision. Sam, my mom yelled looking at me desperately. I want to experience what others go through, I intend to make you proud, I will attend the school. My mom releases me, I could tell she wasn't happy. “Sam, this is your will Right, my dad spoke audible. Yes, I replied .okay he said .my mom tried to say some words, but my dad turned at her in an insane manner, he has made his decision, I didn't force him, so you have to accept it. She quickly barked out, I know her, have seen my dad like this before, he was so serious, my mom turned to leave, but my dad persist on talking, you are not allowed to see him while he is away nor contact him, just pretend you don't have a son. My mom was powerless at this point, she knows when my dad is out of the mood, there is nothing she can do. “Sam I will make arrangements, and you can begin next week, will that be okay, he said calmly. “ I have no problem with that, I am fine with anything. that is great. I turned to leave, “wait Sam”, my dad called, you know why I am doing this right? .”yes, I replied hasty”. “ I don't hate you, I want the best for you “. Father I have heard you, I promise not to disappoint you”. “Okay son, I will make arrangements. 

my father left happily my Mom on the other she wasn't happy, I have to go console her. She was sitting in the palour, she sat still like a statue, I walked towards her slowly , figuring a way to console her. Mom I know you are not happy with my decision, but I am grown up now. I have reasons for doing so. I hope you can just believe in me. My mom stood up and left while I was still talking, she must be really angry, what a mess. 

Days rolled by dad made some calls he planned to hide my identity from the school, only the Headmaster (principal) and the teacher I will be staying with, are aware about my status. Even though I don't buy this idea 100% I still want to experience life in another dimension and prove to my dad that I am capable I will be leaving tomorrow, I still haven't consoled my mom, I have to before I leave, my dad told me not to worry, but I just can't leave like that. 

the D day came I woke up early, I did my early morning routine, ate and father came to me. "Morning son”, Good morning Dad, “how was your night. “ It was okay, one last sleep in this mansion.” we laughed “don't worry you ain't leaving forever” dad try to comfort me.” “If you can survive for one year, I will give you whatever you want”. “Really I said staring at him truly focus” “yes it is your prize for doing this”. Then it a deal, yes it is a deal. I shake my dad hands and we both said deal. I must overcome this, then I can ask for anything “okay, it almost time to pack your books and let set on the way.” my dad said. I don't have things to pack but only books, Dad has already prepared semi medium clothes for me (average people clothes).

On our way out of the mansion, mom was already waiting for me outside. “Sam, be good okay stay away from danger, don't follow anyone, don't talk to anybody, focus on your studies, don't let them influence you with their wrong languages. I have heard mom, I will be good. My dad was just looking at her. “Okay take care Sam, she waved at me. 

Dad puts all my books in the car, and we drove off to the airport. On arriving there Mr. Carlos the principal was already waiting for us, he was a short man but plump his hair is black, it was shining, I was amused at first glance. Mr. Charles, sighting us already, he matched forward quickly to get a handshake, the two men Shake each other, they talked about themselves getting older for a while and then turned to me, this is my son, my dad introduce me, Good afternoon sir I greeted, he smiled at me, I didn't hear what he said to my father but they both laughed. “Why didn't you come with your private jet” he asked, I just wanted to use the car today my father replied hasty, they both laughed again. okay, I will be leaving him for you, okay. Remember our plan, yeah I remember, okay, Sam be nice my dad said, okay sir. We watched him left. Call me Carlos, I am your dad old-time friend, he extended his hands for a handshake, I shake him. You made a bold step, I am proud of you, not many will do what you are about to do, for that, you have earned my respect. Thank you, sir I replied swiftly. Okay let set to where you will be staying. 

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