Damon's Odyssey (Journey To The Top)

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Damon's Odyssey (Journey To The Top)

By: Red Phoenix. CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Living a life full of miseries, humiliation and rejection, Damon had only one reason to smile and that was his wife but everything came crashing down when his wife filed for a divorce because she's not getting what she signed for. Damon swore to get whatever will make his wife happy and hence the reason to journey out of his current location but instead of attaining it, things went blank for him… attempt on his life and sudden memory loss. After regaining his memory, he rushed back to his wife;the only family he had and loved but things have changed… A lot has changed. His past is back with dark secrets that turned him into a burning inferno of vengeance and his present offered him reasons to cause chaos. The kind hearted live-in son in-law Damon had turned into a Demon seeking ways to bring his nemesis down with no hope of ever rising up because as he rose to the top… Nothing would ever be the same.

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  • Daisy


    lovely plot ...️...

    2023-07-11 16:46:02
  • Finnah White


    God! this book is bae... I can't wait for more updates... Author Red Phoenix, update soon. Thank you for such a book......

    2023-05-25 14:56:47
  • Michelle Kyle


    Interesting, contains unique plot.

    2023-05-25 07:40:27
  • Purple Ink


    This is awesome! I can't wait to see what hell do next. More updates, Author. You're doing a good job. Hit me with those updates, momma

    2023-06-21 03:18:51
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219 chapters
Chapter 01.
"I'm sorry, Mr. Damon but you're not what we're looking for, please use the door."The secretary sitting comfortably in her beautiful office announced to Damon who just stood rooted to one spot. He can't understand one thing, he'd just got here to conduct an interview that was supposed to be held today and without even interviewing him, they've all decided that he's not what they are looking for.Are these people infected with madness, what's wrong with them? The questing ring in his head as he stared at the secretary that was tapping furiously at the computer in front of her. "What do you mean, ma'am? I've not even taken any interviews. How then did you or your company conclude that I'm not worthy enough for the position I applied for? If this is a joke, then I'm not finding it funny." He said with utmost body composure, with the way he was boiling inside, he could rip someone apart right now. Something in him told him that no one was joking but he wished to give it a benefit of d
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Chapter 02.
An odd smell wafted through the air as Damon got closer to the fleets of cars packed. Some hulk-like-looking men immediately blocked him when he was advancing toward the big boss's car. "Restricted area, leave." One of the mean-looking guys ordered but Damon wasn't a bit intimidated by their sizes."I'm here to see your boss." He said simply looking at the giants right in the eyes, they can't use heights to intimidate him, he's blessed with height and the rough life on the streets had made him strong and very fit. "Go into the office and wait. He can not attend to you now!" The other one with a face that resembled an angry Godzilla almost shouted at him. The door to the car opened and he saw his course mate, he couldn't describe the feeling of joy and dread that was playing at the pit of his stomach but he decided to stay positive. The security men weren't allowing him access and that really got him frustrated, he could struggle his way through but that might result in some punch
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Chapter 03.
"Take your filthy words back you son of a bitch!" Damon roared at Frank who was gasping for air.Frank's men began to pull Damon but it only worsened the situation because as they pulled Damon, he pulled Frank along with him.Video recordings were on and some were doing live streams but none of that matters to Damon, Frank has to take back his words.A huge punch landed on Damon's stomach and his hold on Frank loosened but he didn't leave him completely."Punch him!" A sharp order came from one of the men and several punches began to land on Damon's body. With his hold on Frank's neck loosened, he was pulled away forcefully from him and they began to beat him to the ground.Legs were used on him as he struggled on the floor to stand up, he made a grab for two different legs, pulled them down resulting in two security guards landing on the floor with a big thud.The punches and kicks decreased with time and he knew it was old James and some of his street buds working in the company tha
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Chapter 04.
The door slid open as he got closer to it, with hesitant steps, he walked in slowly expecting to hear a mocking laughter but nothing happened.His body was aching all over due to pain and with each step he took in pain, he cussed inwardly and wished to humiliate and deliver some blows to Frank for the ill-treatment he'd meant out on him."Oh my goodness!" A female voice exclaimed, with a frown, Damon looked towards the side the voice came from and he wasn't surprised to see his mother in-law heading towards him hurriedly with a worried look on her face; now the worried look is definitely surprising."What the hell happened to you? You look like shits and smell like shits." She mocked and shrieked away immediately she came close enough to perceive the odd smell oozing from him.Damon rolled his eyes, looking at his mother in-law who seemed disgusted by the appearance of her son in-law. She has no idea what her daughter sees in him."Good evening ma'am." Damon greeted the lost looking w
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Chapter 05
"Divorce papers. Can't you read again or has poverty created another miracle by blinding your eyes?" Celena asked with a snort, giving her husband a look of disdain."What for?" He asked, dropping the papers on the table."To wrap tacos." Ayden replied sarcastically with a laugh.Damon shot him a deadly glare, "if you make another sound from that wretched mouth of yours ever again, I'll use this knife and slice you wide open like thanksgiving turkey."With his venomous warning, everything went static, like a still-shot in a magazine. Ayden tried to protest but his mother held him back. Damon is extremely angry right now and if anyone provokes him more, he'll do as he'd threatened.Ms. Carney knew that behind that calm and composed man is a savage beast that destroys without mercy when pushed to the limits, she'd seen that beast once but never again. She just wants Damon to grant the divorce without any drama and she won't risk anything that would turn the angry looking Damon into a D
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Chapter 06.
"And what's that?" He asked, giving him a blank expression."Just sign the divorce papers and I'll get you a job in any company of your choice." He replied with a serious note.Damon let out a deep throaty chuckle. Never expect an easy condition from anyone; especially a rich spoiled brat. He's not going to divorce his wife no matter what anyone says, he loves Celena and he'd prove himself worthy of her love."The offer is really tempting but I'm not interested and I never will and if you don't stay off this issue, I'll create problems for you tonight itself." He muttered the reply giving him a venomous look.Ayden immediately went quiet looking at Damon with nothing but disdain in his eyes. He knew Damon could destroy him with the evidence he has against him so it's best to save his ass and stay clear of the couple's issue but he'll get that evidence from him and that day would be the end of him.Damon glanced at everyone before heading upstairs, tears running down his eyes. He'd not
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Chapter 07.
A deep sigh escaped Damon's mouth as he neared the seaport that would take him to his destination.Destination?In a true sense, he has no destination in mind because he'd live most of his life in this country. He doesn't know where the ship would take him but all he knows is that he needs to leave this country that has caused him nothing but pangs of pains and sorrows.He has only a few dollars with him which he doubts would suffice him for a week wherever he'll be going.The ship he's traveling in is operating illegally; it is used by underground Dons to ship their drugs and weapons from one country to another, due to some connection he has, he was able to arrange for his transportation on such a short notice. At desperate times, even what is termed illegal becomes legal.After his identification, he was allowed inside the ship and immediately he entered an eerie feeling clouding his senses resulting in his guts tightening and getting alerted.He was given a dimly lit room that sten
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Chapter 08.
"Don't go mummy, please don't leave me...I'm scared." A little child cried when his mom was taking gradual steps away from him."I won't stay long Damon, I promise...I'll be back for you. Just stay here and don't go anywhere." The woman assured the scared child who was beginning to cry loudly waking his little sister strapped on his mother's back."Here. Have this..." She murmured gently, removing a huge pendant from her neck and wearing it for the child who looks amused by the new gift."This would keep you safe, never lost or allow anyone to snatch it away from you. Just stay here while I go find some food for us okay?" The woman mused to him, tears escaping her eyes which she quickly wiped away.She moved away swiftly while the little child was engrossed in the new gift, by the time the child realized his mother was gone, a loud cry escaped his mouth."Mommy!!!" He called into the night.Damon's eyes flew open and he began to breathe heavily. He looked towards his right and left bu
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Chapter 09.
"Mummy?" The voice of a crying child called looking into the darkness, there was no one in sight, as he looked on and on, all he could see was pitch darkness.‘Don't be afraid of the dark, embrace it.’ A voice hummed in his young mind and more tears fell off his eyes, his little fingers clutching a silver pendant hanging around his neck. He began to move slowly, steadily but his sluggish steps also depict fear, the fear of abandonment. His mother is nowhere to be found, has she truly abandoned him? His small legs connected with a stone, he stumbled and fell flat on his face, a sharp thorny object piercing deep into his left arm and he let out a shrill childish mewl filled with pain and sorrowful moans. He waited for his mom or dad to come running towards him, to pick him up and pacify him but when nothing came forth, he stood and sat on his butt, pulling the sharp object that was stuck deep in his arm with tears cascading freely from his eyes. "Mom?" He called, his tiny voice rasp
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Chapter 10.
The general looked at Damon with a confused expression on his face, the young man appeared to be in a daze, he was murmuring to himself, his eyes glued to the pendant he was holding. "My name is Damon... Yes, my name is Damon." He said a bit louder, his eyes darting from the scar on his left arm to the pendant he was holding.The woman in his dream had called him Damon and given him the pendant promising to be back for him but she didn't, then the scar... It can't be a coincidence, it just can't be. "Your name is Damon, right?" The doctor inquired and Damon's head turned towards his direction."Yes. My name is Damon, I guess." He mumbled the reply."Is your name Damon or not?" The general asked, apparently frustrated by the uncertainty of the man. Damon frowned his face, eyes consolidating on the impatient-looking man, "I'm not sure, sir but I'll take the name." He replied, wondering why the man was so impatient with him.The general let out a grunt of frustration and turned toward
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