Sam gift

Marcel was staring at me from close quarters, Christabel was close to me holding my bag. "I want to go home" I said to Christabel, she handed the bag over to me and drop it, we both quickly tried to catch it out head jam each other, "sorry" I said, but it seems like she purposely did it. She raised her head and said, "your head is hot" she said stretching her hands to touch my neck, wow, your body is really hot. I will walk you home she said, I tried to refuse, but I couldn't, or maybe I didn't put more effort, I won't make it home, If someone doesn't help carry my stuff. Christabel carry my bag and stuffs that I brought along, call Mr. Johnson that I won't be coming I said with a fainting voice. I will, she said while assist me as we walk to the entrance of the school. I raise my head to look forward, and I saw Marcel waiting for us. Christabel, where are you going, he said with a demanding voice. Sam is sick, I want to help him home, Christabel replied swiftly. He can walk himself, do you have to aid anyone you see vulnerable? You can be easily deceived, what rewards do helping others do, he yelled at Christabel, you have never helped me before, yet I secured a nice job for you, I even secure a nice environment for your mom's restaurant, which is no longer active because she was rendering free service instead of making profit Marcel add frowning his face, he left angrily. I wonder why Christabel Never say anything. I turned to Christabel, I wanted to ask her to listen to Marcel, but she was crying. She didn't cry out loud that why I didn't notice, Marcel he doesn't know how to treat a girl he such a gobshite. Christabel cleaned her tears and move on, leading the way. She is a very strange girl, she doesn't let anything bother her for too long. I wanted to console her, but I don't really know what to say, given that Christabel and Marcel are old-time friends. I don't talk in people friendship, but I don't like Marcel that is sure, he is too proud, and he has nothing. 

we finally reach my house. "You leave here all alone" Christabel said staring at the house, "yes" I replied Mrs Sarah gave me the house for free I add. That nice of her, I never expected to be so good, Christabel stares at me. Let go in, she added. She took me in, and I seated on the couch in the parlor. She left for a while, I want to buy leafs and vegetables, she said. She came back minutes later, she went to the kitchen and prepare something, I have no Idea of. She prepared food, I felt it would be better not to eat because I couldn't feel my appetite, but I had to, Christabel has suffered to make me this dish. so, I went for a bite and I didn't stop until I finished it, it tastes better than my cooking, I have eaten a good meal for a while now. The other one she prepared was just leaf on the pot and water, she poured the water on a cup and gave me to drink. It is good for your health, she smiled. I drank it without wasting time, I pour it on midair, what is this, it had a taste, that I can't comprehend. Christabel burst into laughter. She must have done it on purpose. You have to take it morning and evening, for two days to get back to your Normal self, she said after she stopped laughing. I stared at her melancholy. How was my food? She asked politely. I looked at her, "it was satisfactory" I said with a low tone. "Is that all" Christabel frown her face, I nodded my head, "yes that all". okay, she said I wanted to prepare another one before I leave, but it seems you don't like it. It was thrilled I shouted, I want more, it was delicious. She burst into laughter again. Christabel gets up and cover me with the cloth she saw on my bag. It was the one the girl who administered drugs to me gave me. I slept off. When I woke up, Christabel was resting her head on the extreme end of the couch. She had cleaned the whole house, I couldn't do that this morning and yesterday because I was tired, I got up from the couch, she wakes up immediately stumbling before, she got her feet. There was a book with her, you like that book? I asked her. Yes she replied, you have a lot of books, some are costly. Oh those whose, I won them in book competitions I said swiftly. The science competition is coming next, and there is a prize attached to it. Some of your books are the requirements for the competition, she added. You want to borrow them right, I said softly. yes, she replied instantly. Take as much as you want. I can give you some tutorial, I have read everything here, and I know some keywords that can likely appear in the competition. thanks, she said collecting the vital once she needs.

 it was almost late, she has to go home now. I went inside my room and brought a two in one wooden cave necklace with the African map structure and a love structure. Thank you for taking care of me, please accept my gift. wow, it beautiful, Christabel said taking it from my hands, thank you. I want to put it on now, she said with a smile that reaches the eyes, it was glossy and bright. I took the necklace and went to her back, I stretch my hands across her shoulder then fix the necklace. My heart was beating really fast, all such of negative thoughts ran through me. I remove my hands slowly, but she held it and turned around, facing me directly, she was inches close to me, I couldn't breathe properly. My mind keeps saying kiss her, hug her, hold her tight. Christabel raise head up thank you she said.I will be going now she said, I barely said okay, I escorted without whispering a sound until we arrive at the junction I wave at her thanks I said once more, she lifted the necklace, I love it thanks Sam. I watch her as walked away, until I couldn't see her again, then I left for home, my body feels strong now I came home and slept again.

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