As time went on, the gunshots increased in frequency. Rodney was torn between leaving the basement to find Harvey and staying to protect himself. Since the man had untied one of his hands, he used it to undo the ropes wound around the other. He proceeded to untie his legs that had been tied together. When he was finally free, he stood up and ran to the door.

The shooting had stopped, but his heart was still beating fast. Rodney slowly opened the door and looked out. His lips parted when he saw a body on the floor. Although he could not see the face in that angle, he could tell it was the man who had spoken to him. He turned back into the room and locked the door.

Since he had no idea what awaited him upstairs, he decided to remain until everything settled. However a light bulb went off in his head and he thought of the police. If they found him there, he would be dead meat. If the police found Alberto Roco’s son in a house with dead bodies, they’d definitely think he was the shooter
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