Single Harvey

Rodney impressed the interviewers and was soon invited to join the university and study for an accounting degree. Life became so much better after he joined the university. He started to get better friends, and do things he found meaningful. He quit his sales jobs in order to focus on studies and creating a plans for the business he wished to start. The money he had invested in bonds was growing, although not as fast as he thought it would in a business.

Gregory, the financial advisor wanted to take things slow but Rodney was becoming impatient. He wanted to be part of something big, like some of his classmates. Eventually, Rodney decided to ignore Gregory’s advice, and sought advice from his New York peers and workmates on what business was trending in the city.

Eventually, he decided to open an online store for outdoor sports wearables. He decided to use the knowledge he had learnt in Active Sapiens to promote his products. Active sapiens had also had an ecommerce shop. Although he
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