Rise Of The Hart's Live In Son-In-Law

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Rise Of The Hart's Live In Son-In-Law

By: Essie OngoingUrban/Realistic

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"You!" She yelled, her eyes bulging from thier sockets and continued, "You still have the audacity to come here after all you did? What a ridiculous, shameless man." All eyes were on him and he lowered his head in shame, this was what he passed through every day. "Grandmother!" The familiar voice he knew and always cherished said amidst the many eyes that were on him. She walked towards him and held his hands sweetly. "You are not getting acquainted with him, Never! Not on my watch." She replied angrily and left. ~~~~ Elliot's life was a typical sham if that's the correct word for it, he has been shamed and bullied for every single mistake he did. But worser times, when he realised his Nana was sick and needed urgent money, he approached his in-laws, but he was shamed as usual. And just then, his life surprisingly took a turn. "Every single person who mocked me will live to bow down before me."

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Chapter 1: Elliot Harrison
The cold breeze blew along the streets of New York at dawn, making a kind of cool sound pleasant to one's ears and body, but it wasn't going to be pleasant for a man who has been out in the cold for hours, at a far distance was a frail looking figure of a man walking about with packages in his both hands and a worn out, hand-me-down black bike also filled with packages of different sizes beside him. His shabby dark inky hair was scattered amid his face, layers peeking amid his collarbone.He walked about putting each packages on each door as he knocked on them and left. This was Elliot and his everyday lifestyle from dawn to dusk, delivering packages for almost everyone in the city almost all his whole life. That was Elliot Harrison, the package deliverer.His dark hair seemed tattered and his eye balls were as though they wanted to bulge out, eye bags were formed under his eyes and his clothes looked damp, he looked unhealthy to behold. And nonetheless, he still had to continue his p
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Chapter 2: The Live in Son-In-Law
The doctor sighed and bowed his head slightly, "If you don't provide it in the maximum of ten days, I'm afraid to say, you're Nana may not make it out alive!Elliot eyes widened, "May not make it out alive?"The doctor nodded slightly, as he adjusted his big black glasses fixated on his eyes.Elliot's heart banged loudly, it seemed like he was going to have a cardiac arrest, his Nana hasn't even reaped the fruits of her Labour on him yet, she can't just die now.His mind drifted off to Hannah, maybe her Grandmother could take pity on him and lend him the amount he needs, after all, they are rich.Not pressing forward, he bid the doctor goodbye and zoomed off on his bike. He had no time to waste! To him, time was very precious.As he entered the Hart's mansion, every where was busy, the balloons were being taken down, the floor were being swept and everyone seemed to be going home. The music was faintly heard."Was the party already over?" He asked no one in particular. From a distanc
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Chapter 3: Hospital Bills, Paid!
Elliot was dumbfounded, his heart warmed up at her words, without thinking further, he hugged her tightly, at least he knows that his Nana wasn't going to die."I promise to return the money to you as soon as possible" He said out of utmost excitement.Hannah waved her hands up in the air with a grin on her face, "Don't worry, you can return the money at your own convenience. Take your time."Sometimes, she just have a sweet feeling towards this man in front of her. She stared at his handsome face down to this manly body, her heart beat the moment her eyes stared at his torso."What are you thinking Hannah?" Her inner mind scolded. "It's better I leave now," She faced him and told him, her heart beating slightly.Elliot nodded with a wide smile evident on his face, his heart was just filled with joy, as she turned to leave, he hugged her one more time and whispered "Thank you once again."Hannah's heart flipped once again, this time louder and harder, was this man trying to seduce he
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Chapter 4: Meeting Butler Lee
As he kept on holding her hands, he felt something falling to the ground, he looked only to see the folded paper even more squeezed.With curiosity at its peak, he opened the paper hastily. Only to see some words in bold letter, well inscripted "We really need you to run the villa and the companies all over the world for us. We really want you back Mr. Harrison and we miss you!"Elliot was confused, was this paper meant for him? Or did the doctor gave him the wrong paper? Or was he mistaken for someone else?He asked these questions with no particular answer as they flushed through his mind in one go.Beads of sweat formed around his face, as he thought on. Just then, the door slightly opened enough for him to see the face he has always dreaded for years ever since he was born. The face looked at him with eyes pleadingly. Elliot stared at him with bulging eyes, his fist were tightened and his veins were visible."You!! What do you think you're doing here?" Elliot yelled, his voice re
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Chapter 5: Tough Decision
Hannah muttered quietly, but it seemed it was not that quiet enough for Lady Hart not to hear. Her deathly glare shifted to her grand-daughter, "Anything you care to share with us, Hannah?" She asked, a smirk on her face as her eyes glistened. Hannah looked up, her eyes widened in shock!All eyes were on her, this was getting too absurd! Her Grandmother's voice jolted her from her trance, "I said, anything you want to share with us?" She asked yet again, this time, colder and sharper. Her heart beat two times faster than before, she quickly shook her head, "Oh no, it was just a slip of my clumsy tongue. Sorry, you can carry on." She said in one breath.Lady Hart stared at her with a glare, then cleared her throat and faced the others, "We need experts at marketing, people who could connect us to bigger companies and get us shares with them, people who could get us cooperated with them." She looked around at everyone and continued, "Any questions?" A man who looked like he was in a
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Chapter 6: Young Master Harrison
"Of course Young Master Harrison." He said happily.Elliot felt irritated by those words, but he still needed to think this through tonight, but for now, he's made up his mind temporarily, "Don't call me that, I can still change my mind." And with that, he hung up.Elliot stared at the bag in his hands and sighed, the picture of Hannah being sad just a moment ago for something he could help out with only if he made the right decision made his stomach churn."I just have to do it for Hannah, I love her, and I wouldn't let her down, then I'd be worthy to be her husband." He muttered and smiled to himself.He began imagining them holding a grand wedding, and him, being the CEO of one of the most wealthiest companies in the country. "It's going to be a dream come true!" He sighed happily, he walked over to Hannah's house to drop off her bag in his bike. ~~~~~~~~Minutes later, he arrived at the huge mansion painted creamish in colour, the huge black gate obviously covered most of the
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Chapter 7: Meeting Butler Lee
He didn't even bother to answer her question, he tried peeking inside the house, "Is Hannah home? I'd love to see her."Hilda laughed outrageously, "You'd better leave, it's not going to be good if Hannah's date meet you her, and you're claiming to be her fiancé."Elliot's eyes widened in utmost shock, 'Was this girl joking with him or what?' But on the other hand, he was confused, his heart was filled with rage and jealousy, and it didn't seem like she was joking, she has never joked around with him. His fists were red, his face turned dark and he completely forgot the main reason he came here in the first place."Hey!! I said leave!" Hilda barked the second time.Hannah's mother was alerted, she could hear voices from afar, the voice that her daughter was talking to seemed familiar, but she couldn't point a finger to who it was, so she decided to confirm, "Hilda Honey, who's at the door? And what's happening out there? I can hear voices."Hilda waved her hands up in the air, "Nothi
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Chapter 8:
Immediately, he brought out a blank sheet of paper and placed it on the table before him, while pointing at some spaces, "Sign here, here and here, and it's all done. Though you can go through it if you like."With clear nervousness that he tried to push at the back of his mind, he carefully picked up the paper, checking out every single sentences from it. As he kept on looking, a sentence caught his eye, making his heart beat faster, "Was this real? Or it was a joke?" He murmured within himself.Butler Lee noticed the change in Elliot's face, but he couldn't point of finger to it, "Is everything okay?" He quickly asked.Elliot put the paper back to the table and pointed at the same particular sentence, out of eagerness, Butler Lee checked it out and it said, 'whether you go to work or not, you would get to be paid the sum of a million dollars monthly excluding tips and revenue.'Butler Lee raised an eyebrow at him, "So? What's wrong with that?"Elliot looked back at him confused, "I
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Chapter 9:
The floor glittered with marbles, showing the reflection of whoever was in the room. The illuminated lights shone dimly making everywhere look like a fairytale.Elliot drooled with amazement, but did well enough to hide it away from Andrew.Shall we go to the company now, they might want to announce their new Boss?" Andrew asked with a hitched eyebrow.Although, Elliot didn't wanted to leave, but he nodded slightly. 'He was going to come back here' He thought.Andrew led the way out of the humongous house, and they zoomed off in his Maybach.~~~~~~The company looked large, the name 'Harrison Co.Ltd' was largely imprinted on the company, large enough for anyone to see it from a far distance.It looked like it had six storeys, and everything was made out of glass. The doors largely stood elegantly at the middle of the first floor also made out of glass."Shall we go in, Boss?" Andrew asked, and without waiting for his response, he walked in.Slowly, Elliot also walked inside the compan
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Chapter 10:
Curiousity peeked in everyone's eyes, their eyes sparked with interest as they all stared at Elliot and Andrew like they were aliens. They all gathered together still staring at the duo. Very low chatterings were heard by some women.Mr Arnold cleared his throat significantly, "Since you all know, Mr Harrison is now too old to run this company, he decided to hand it over to his son." Mr Arnold said, then pointed at Elliot, "Everyone, meet Mr Elliot Harrison. He will be taking over now.""He had a son? How could this wretched man be his son and become our boss?" A young woman's voice resounded lowly among the crowd, though it was a murmur, unfortunately, it was unknowingly loud enough for everyone including Elliot to hear.Elliot's face turned dark, he was cold and his face was straight with nothing but brutality, he could yank this woman's hair If he wanted to.His mouth twitched, "It is none of your business if he was my father or not." He said, all eyes were on him but he continued
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