All Chapters of False salesman: Chapter 1 - Chapter 5
5 chapters
I once thought that having money would bring me the happiness I once longed for and fill the voids left by life and a cold childhood.I introduce myself, my name is Andrew, a billionaire who once had a father and mother, but lies ended my life. I ended up in an orphanage because neither of them wanted me in their lives, the woman who once raised me and nursed me as a child, left with another man. And the guy who took care of me found out that I was not his son and abandoned me. The rest of my family did not want me, as they considered me a bastard and left me at the doors of an orphanage. Since I was nothing more than a child son of someone without a name and who never answered for me. In the place where I lived part of my childhood and adolescence was not very good, there were many children like me. Each one with their sad stories and traumas. As time went by, my life developed little by little in that place. Until I became an adult and ended up working in a store. It was the only
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The hours continued to pass quickly, and a lot of people started to come in to shop, it was one of the most difficult times for me during the week. I could only concentrate on receiving and checking in the items. I felt that several things had been stolen but the only way to check was by the cameras and if I called the police it would make my work day much more difficult. I just wanted to leave it was already too much stress for me. There were more than twenty people taking things. It was impossible for me to do anything, but surprisingly. The owner of the store appeared out of nowhere. He looked like he came from a party. His hair was really messed up. He walked up to the cashier and spoke to me.-For everything they steal, you have to answer.He looked angry, maybe something had happened to him and he came just to take his anger out on me. I didn't say anything back, I was in no condition to argue with anyone. The man continued to be annoying and began to take several things from
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Luckily for me the subway was running again, and the cabs were already emptier at that time as well as the other means of transportation.So I just tried to take a cab that would take me to my destination as fast as possible. Although there were some that already had passengers on board.So it took me a while to get one. It seemed rather complicated, but it was the only way to get to the city center safely and comfortably. Besides, I was too sweaty, and tired. I hadn't slept all night and I could rest for about five minutes there.[...]I was able to stop a cab and he took me to the center of the city. This was the busiest and somewhat dangerous place, because there were gangs that bothered the vendors, and organized to make significant robberies, also sold illicit substances and disputed the area. I looked at several hotels and one caught my attention, it was quite large, and had two security guards.I went there, but I saw that they were looking at me from top to bottom because I w
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The cab driver took me to the building where the tickets were sold and dispatched to different places.He was waiting patiently for me on the corner of that street.I walked up to the building, there were two security guards armed with short shotguns. They were kind of scary. I walked between them and entered the place as if nothing had happened.I saw just as the cab driver had told me. Everything was disorganized, there were big lines, maybe twenty people were there. I felt a bit annoyed. The driver was right, this was quite stressful. It might take me more than two hours to get there. Although there were four cashiers, they had to take the details of the people who won the small prizes given out by the lotteries.There were a few chairs around the place, only pregnant women and elderly people sat there.There were a lot of guards here to prevent theft.[...]Time passed quickly and it was almost midday. My feet were a little stiff from standing in the same position.I started to ge
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I woke up in a luxury hotel between white sheets and the smell of fragrant flowers. The room was about the size of a house, plus refrigerators with food and a window with a view of the city. I could stay here for a week while I got organized, but I didn't know any middle-class neighborhoods where I could live in peace. I looked at the sunlight and noticed that it was quite weak, possibly a cloudy day.Slowly I remembered that my life had changed, but I had to contact my friends and help him solve his problems. I only hoped that he would not waste this opportunity and not squander the money I would give him. I didn't have many friends, besides my partner at the store. Just acquaintances and people I sometimes talked to when they went shopping at the store where I worked.I thought about moving to a safe part of town or going to a quieter place where I wouldn't have to encounter gang members.I just looked at the check and felt happy. I just had to go out on the street and walk to colle
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