All Chapters of Serum: Chapter 1 - Chapter 6
6 chapters
How Could I have known
The year 2090. Black facility 47."The subjects experienced lethal hemorrhaging in the brain, and those that didn't couldn't handle the increased neural activity, leading to several psychological problems including psychopathy, retardation, induced autism, and- ""So what you're telling me... is that it failed again.""...Yes sir.""Sigh..."The head director sighed after receiving the report from one of his officers. He then stood up and walked to a window where he could oversee a few dozen capsules containing adult males. All of them were either sleeping or undergoing surgical operations.This was black facility 47. It was a top secret base whose purpose was to carry out the super-soldier program.This program was supposed to create and engineer enhanced soldiers that surpassed human limits and worked alongside machines, creating the perfect human weapon. This consisted of extreme training, genetic engineering, and cybernetic enhancement. However, despite having the program ongoing
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.........A few minutes later, the boy came walking out. He was now dressed in metallic armor that looked like a nanosuit. That suit held a pistol on each hip, a knife on the leg and arm, and a rifle on his back. There were also magazines around his torso held magnetically. He carried his helmet in one of his hands."SS-008 reporting for duty."The boy, otherwise known as SS-008, stood and saluted the lumberjack who was lazing around on the couch, smoking a cigar. Despite the formal presentation, the man just scoffed."Don't act like you suddenly care about procedure. You've got one job: kill everyone and take what we need. I know you're already prepared, so get out of here and see if you don't bust your tiny balls.""Sir, I do not understand.""Huh?"The lumberjack squinted his eyes at the smiling boy."My balls are fat and large. How could they possibly-""Shut up and fuck off!""Hehehe..."Laughing mischievously, the boy dodged the full bottle of alcohol that was thrown at him and
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That everything would be flipped upside down...
"Hey! Get up, you brat!"*Smack!*"...""There he is."After getting a slap to the face, SS-008 opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was the roof of the factory where he went unconscious. The second was the face of the lumberjack who was puffing smoke into his face."...Don't you know smoking is bad for you?""Don't you know that you should keep that shit eating trap of yours shut? Get the hell up.""Heh."Chuckling, SS-008 went and stood up. However, as he got to his feet, he staggered unsteadily, prompting the lumberjack to catch him."Whoah. What's going on? You drinking now?""It's the stuff they injected me with. I guess it's not totally out of my system yet. Wait, what happened after I lost consciousness?"SS-008 asked as he steadied himself against the lumberjack."Not long after you sent the transmission, we caught them hauling away the packages. We weren't able to respond with a large enough force, and they got away.""...Well that's going to look bad. How many times have
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I would be reborn
"Who the hell are you guys?"SS-008 looked around with a menacing gaze, clearly not in a good mood. There were 16 shadowy figures that revealed themselves as women. One of them had spoken to him.The woman was beautiful and curvy, and along with the skin tight bodysuit, she looked like some kind of sexy ninja. All of the women around him were like that. SS-008 just looked at her with frigid coldness though, as if she was some kind of joke.The woman answered him with a neutral gaze."The madam who you took hostage earlier. She wishes to see you.""That crazy bitch? Tell her that she can shove those syringes she stole up her ass. I want nothing to do with her.""...Unfortunately we can't allow that. You must come with us."The woman's eye twitched at the insult to her madam, but she quelled her rising anger. She couldn't fail her mission to retrieve this supersoldier, no matter what she felt.Hearing her insistence, SS-008 snarled."I'd like to see you make me."*Bang!*Raising his gun
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'What the hell is going on?'SS-008 realized that he had miraculously survived entering the portal. After that though, everything went dark, and after an unknown amount of time, he found himself in a new body.That body though was that of a baby's. As he barely opened his weak eyes and took in the sights around him, he was bewildered.'Am I seriously in the body of a child?'SS-008 felt helpless. Everything felt stuffy and restrained, as if he was tied up in a straight jacket. And it wasn't just because of the blanket he was bundled in, though that did add to that sense.The body, and how he could use his senses but had no control over himself was annoying. It was like being paralyzed. You understood your situation, but there was nothing you could do, and you could only lay there. He hated the feeling.More than that though, he felt off the way he was. He was being held by some woman, and both she and the father were staring at him with excited and tender eyes. Being looked at with th
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Duke Hillshire
A few more months pass, and Dirk is two years old.With his increasing levels of freedom, he was able to spend more time interacting with his siblings and doing some activities. During these things, he learned even more new details about them.For one, Rita, his sister that was just above him in age, wasn't entirely human. He had noticed early on, but she had ears with a tall point on the end. At first he didn't really think anything of it, but as time went on, he inquired about it, and he actually learned that she was primarily an elf.According to his mother, his father, Ryker, was a human and elf hybrid from a far away empire. Rita had apparently inherited most of those elf genes, making her a majority elf hybrid.Not only that, but his oldest sibling and sister, Viola, was a half and half hybrid. This was the reason for her looks being well above average. She apparently took the best of both worlds: her mother's human beauty and her father's elven beauty.Ethan though, his older b
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