Furliceo Strikes Back

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Furliceo Strikes Back

By: Wyatt_Jaymes OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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When Furliceo escapes from Drayer mental ward, The new Bloodbringer, Michael Maldrin Crop has an attempt made on his life during his inaugural address as the new Bloodbringer. After a new law is made by the Sayis Council, Skyrid and Nester get badges with their Sayis Symbols imprinted on them and they go a search to get the items to open the cavern of chaos. When The cavern of chaos is opened, Skyrid, Nester and Furliceo find out that Gaze Woolsley has had a hand in everything including the cithians being outlawed and Furliceo being possessed by one of the servants of Shirak. They also find out that Gaze is The Human Embodiment of Shirak and that he killed Judedick Crop who was the original Gator Sayis which made Skyrid eventually be in his stead. Michael is also killed by Gaze and the vice bloodbringer Rick Lax becomes the new bloodbringer.


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Chapter 25
We all stood in front of the students of Gailems. I was the first to speak. “We have named a new Hecticmaker of the Sayis Council. Sade Markson.” Sade did a victory dance by shaking his hips. “I’m honored to be standing in the midst of you all. Sadly, I have some terrible news. Our headmaster, Pedro, was recently killed by Gaze.” The students murmured back and forth between each other. “I know this news is upsetting but I have placed the decision of the new headmaster on the shoulders of the remaining members of the Sayis’.” Furliceo and I looked at the students as Sade sat down. I spoke first. “We will each begin by nominating the people who could possibly be your next Headmaster. I nominate my uncle, Kodyack Blues, who without his contributions all of Sayis’ wouldn’t still exist.” Furliceo raised his hand. “I, as the second highest member of the Sayis, will now nominate who I think should be the next headmaster, Aldous Keithling.” Chaser looked out towards the crowd
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Chapter 24
Gaze turned into an orb and went into a portal as we all turned into orbs and followed him. When we materialized, I saw we were standing in front of the rock blocking the entrance to the Cavern. On the rock lay symbols of Four Sayis’. Two S’ Chain-linked together for Sedro Sayis, A Gator claw for Gator Sayis, a gravestone for Darkness Sayis, and two axes with a diamond in the center of them for Minotaur Sayis. There were also 4 slots for each badge of those particular Sayis’. A green orb came into view until it fell upon us and we saw Bradley Greenson in a green cloak. “I see we are about to have Furliceo fight against Shirak. To tell you the truth, what people didn’t understand about Shirak is the true reason he made a deal with the devil.” “Really?” “Yes. But maybe you can get it out of him before you kill him.” Nester, Bradley, Chaser, and I each put our badges in their individual slot.The stone rolled away and we saw a battlefield in front of us. Furliceo walked out onto th
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Chapter 23
A portal opened as Harris Longer appeared. He looked into my eyes. “Skyrid, give me the heart of steel.” “Why?” “If you didn’t already know, when Richard advocated the throne to me in the aftermath of the Markson War, he gave me the power to restore the power of his staff if the power was ever taken away again.” “Oh, that makes sense.” Furliceo dropped his jaw. “How does that make sense?” “Because the throne was supposed to be inherited by Richard, Richard gave his powers to Harris after he advocated the throne to him.” “Alright, I understand.” Harris looked at us as a portal opened. “Skyrid, you will give me the heart of Steel when we arrive in the Woods of Cain.” “Why the Woods of Cain? Why not the Sayis Forest?” “Because the staff was broken in half, The sword of the Sayis’ power was taken away.” “So what you’re saying is that since the power of The Sayis’ is gone at the moment, we will use the Woods of Cain in place of the Sayis Forest because the Grey Diamon
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Chapter 22
Harris looked at Brandon. “Yes, Harris?” “History has changed again.” “Really what has happened this time?” “Headmaster Shais has been put in a psych ward.” “Why?” “He told the Jay City News that he saw people turning into orbs in the security room.” “And that’s crazy how?” “Back in 2024 people didn’t think people could truly turn into orbs. So they deemed it crazy to even think of that happening.” “So who is taking his place while he’s in the nuthouse?” Sade raised his hand. “I know. Vogar Brixen.” “Have the people who are guardians of Gailems changed?” “No. But they have all been reinstated as protectors, but with more duties than usual.” “Like what?” “Well the orb pedestals are under more security and deemed only usable in time of dire need.” “Wow. That means we can’t use the orb pedestals to go back in time anymore.” I said. “You’re right. But that doesn’t mean we can’t use witchcraft or science to go back in time.” “True. Could we find a wormhole t
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Chapter 21
Chapter 21 The Second Item Zeddark stared at us in delight. “You’re back!” “You were worried?” /”Yes.” “Why? We were only gone for 30 minutes.” “Chaser, your dad has been taken captive by Bloodshed.” “Wait. Are you sure?” “Yes. The remaining members of the Sayis Council just notified us of the incident.” “Let me guess. Furliceo kidnapped him right?” “Yep. How did you know?” “I was just guessing. But I’m not surprised at this.” “But how did you know?” “My dad once told me that one of the rules that were setup by the Grey Diamond Warriors when they formed the Sayis Council and the Sayis’ that if the Hecticmaker was taken the Headmaster of Gailems will take his place.” “I’ve got a good idea on who is behind all this.” “Okay Brandon, who do you think it is?” “I honestly think it’s one of the Warriors of Darkness.” “Wait, you think a Sayis would be trying to break the Sayis Council up?” “Yes. I don’t trust that side of Sayis’ at all.” “I think whoever’s behin
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Chapter 20 The First Item
“You mean like the Circular pattern that‘s carved into the castle door?”“Yes. And here’s the tricky part: we have to steal it from the original designer’s collection and replace it with a replica right before he notices it's gone.” “That will not be easy.” “Really? The only hard part I heard was replacing it with an exact replica before the designer notices it's gone.” “Exactly. Where the hell are we gonna get the tools needed to make it?” Brandon tapped me on the shoulder. “I have an idea.” “Okay, I’m curious. What is it?” “We could steal the tools from the wood-shop class.” “Hey, that’s a great one. But I don’t exactly remember who taught that class.” “In other words, you’re not good with names are you?” “Exactly. I’m very bad with names.” “Do what I do.” “What is that Skyrid?” “I study people’s body structures, Kodyack.” “Really? That’s weird. How does that help you out?” “Because no two people have the same body structure.” “What about twins?” “Not even tw
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Chapter 19 Disguises for 2024
So are we doing it or not?” “Chaser, rude much?” “Sorry, I just have no patience.” “It’s okay.” “I’ll be there along with Sade shortly.” The next thing I know a huge portal opened and out stepped Kodyack and Sade. Kodyack looked at me. “I’m here.” Brandon glared at Kodyack. “You’re quick.” “Thank you. Where’s Furliceo though?” “At Gailems. He broke his parole agreement because his possession was activated.” “ I imagine the Sayis Council isn’t too happy.” “I don’t think they know. They are probably in shambles because they’re leader was kidnapped.” “I doubt it. It’s happened before.” I stomped my feet. “Kodyack, how are you taking us to 2024?” “Don’t worry. I know what to do.” “Really?” “No. But I think I have to focus on an event in 2024 and the pedestal will take us there.” “Sounds easy enough. But we don’t even know what Brandon covered my mouth. “I said I will tell you the relics we need when we actually get to the past.” Kodyack stared at Bran
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Chapter 18 Going back to 2024
We stood in the center of the room. Brandon walked up to a black pedestal. “So how do you wanna do this, Chaser?” “We could reconfigure them to make us appear in 2024 at a place we’ve been before. But I have to make this very clear, Skyrid...” “Okay. Spit it out!” “There are three rules of time travel. First, We can’t be seen at all. Not even by your parents.”“Wait, my parents went to school together?” “Yes. Alright two more rules. The second rule is: we can’t change any event. All of these past events have happened for a reason and could change the Present.” “Seriously? But we could make it so that the cithians were never outlawed.” “I know. But the prophecy of The Healing Warrior has been retold and rewritten many times. And 2024 was the year that your dad had it revealed to him in a dream that you would be the Healing Warrior.” “So if we change anything at all we could make it so that I would never be born.” “Yep. Finally, anything we take has to be replaced with an exac
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Chapter 17 Deceiving a Demon
Brandon held out his hands as the rings in his wrists glowed. A black and blue orb appeared. “Oh gracious orb of protectors, show us the Gailems grounds.” A shadowy figure appeared with an army behind. “You mean...” “Bloodshed has invaded Gailems” Furliceo dropped his jaw. “But...but.. how?”“They named a new Villain Master”“But that’s my title. How could they replace me?” Furliceo eyes turned red and his hair turned black. “My master,Shirak has found a new host.” I snapped my fingers. “Furliceo, snap out of it!” “Furliceo isn’t here anymore. I, Matrix, ally to Shirak, have taken hold of his soul.” Chaser dropped his jaw. “But that means...” “Yep. The human embodiment of Shirak has reared his head again.” “But the real question is: who did Shirak choose to possess this time?” “True. I think it’s most likely someone who has something against Richard Markson like it was last time.” “I agree. History does repeat itself,Skyrid.” “I think the new host and the person who
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Chapter 16 Nester the Teacher
Brandon got up from his throne. “I will take y’all to our battlefields.” Once we got to the battlefields, Brandon raised both his hands. “Nester, since you’re a fourth year, you get to show them how to use weapons like swords, bows and staffs.” Nester looked at Brandon. “Why can’t you? I mean according to Gaze, you taught the original Sayis’ how to use their powers.” “That’s true but, you’ll show them how to use it while flying on their dragons.” Chaser smiled.“You mean I get to have my own dragon. Do I get to pick it out?”Nester glared at Chaser. “No. Your powers choose it for you.” “How?” “When you turn into your warrior form, your wrists will glow and your dragon will come out of a portal right beside you.” “How do we turn into our Sayis forms though without Richard?” Brandon sneered. “ Actually, just so all of you because Richard has been captured and his staff has been broken in half, there is no Sayis Council and the Sayis' don't have any powers. Plus you are
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