Awesome Lawyer

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Awesome Lawyer

By: EngMan OngoingFantasy

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Too lighted in the green grasses, indeed the golden star and dazzling moon have combined their shining lights. Surprisingly, this forms into a classy and ravishing guy. His name is Aris who makes the world more bewitching.

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11 chapters
Chapter 1 Mia fall in love to the great lawyer
Too lighted in the green grasses, indeed the golden star and dazzling moon have combined their shining lights. Surprisingly, this forms into a classy and ravishing guy. His name is Aris who makes the world more bewitching.Aris, attractive, lawyer, effulgent, handsome, tall, rich, studious, and talented. In short, his hands have already held heaven; indeed, many women romantically longed to be his husband. However, the lawyer never has a plan to look for his perfect wife, since Beatrice, his mommy sweetly haunts him including the icy wind which keeps on clutching his shoulder, what he smartly thinks, is that his father has been dying since he was three years old. His mother reveals the cause of his father's death over the fire where the knife fully attached to his stomach before. That would be the reason why he had pursued to work as a lawyer, to look for the justice of his father.Despite his sadness, Beatrice coolly kisses and hugs him before he reports to the office. With her, he d
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Chapter 2 Mia say goodbye to Stephen
Too clumsy sauntering on the way, it seems like someone had gone to Stephen's heart. Indeed, his ears gaudily heard a woman who murmured many times. His golden eyes are directly gazing at the mirror, just to check how comfortable Mia's is! However, the broken glass falls down to his feet even though he never clenches it. Hence, his skin attaches much blood into the floor. He screams awkwardly," is this really true? Mia, why hadn't you held the mirror?"He quickly drives his car, just proceeding to the hospital. Here, he met the elegant doctor who kept on gazing at his face before. He waits till two hours, however nobody entertains him, so he approaches the doctor," excuse, can you please medicate my injury?"A harsh voice," I do apologize, I'm quietly busy to the patient who literally faces his death," Dr. Shelly said. That time, Stephen comes out of the hospital, even though the blood still flows out from his skin.He hurriedly saunters above the wind since nobody cares about his pr
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Chapter 3 Stephen brings Mia to Paradise
Too romantic clenches by the hot heart including the astounding image which emotionally holds Mia's arms. So far, she finally forgets the people who craves her life. What she is waiting for; the superlight may appear in the sky, to ultimately know the nature of this awesome guy. Although she has not seen the flawless man, her body romantically stays alongside the invisible image.That shadow reflects at Stephen's window, that would be his purpose why his heart craved to depart the room, though it's literally cool but his mind feel outburst thinking to Aris's image, what he hypothetically imagines that Mia is already at Aris hands.Everything gives an impeccable light as he comes out the gate. Here, there is a stunning girl who definitely hold his arms, and he ultimately thinks that Mia has come to his life. Well, he got the star from the sky, just to view her. Unexpectedly, he found Clench, his ex-lover who pulls his diamond heart to the ocean. He unintentionally notices her tears whi
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Chapter 4 Atty. Aris flawlessly emerges in the sky
Much light reflected to their hearts while taking their pleasure above the air. Such moment, Mia might have fallen down her feet to the green ground, but Stephen actively placed his hands to the stunning girl. It took two hours traveling from the hot city to paradise. Her eyes were pleasantly many astounding flowers and bountiful places. Her heart laughed and gazed at it, so far she had not seen it before. She still wanted to stare at it, however the wind informed her," it's already paradise," that time, her cool sweetheart sweetly brought her to the icy mountain where the fresh wind and shimmering star might ultimately witness their nights.Mia awkwardly gazed at the entire paradise, though her eyes have satisfied the whole creature, however she has not seen the house where they would take their first night. Her mouth uttered such complain to him, a quick response," I will magically make a house for us, just allow me to live your heart tonight," then, the star bonked above their head
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Chapter 5 Atty. Aris protects Mia
Too hot bonked to Mia's skin, though her mind casted back the moon might get Aris beside her flawless heart. So, she approaches the light to reveal her request, but the moon finally put its dazzling star to the handsome lawyer.Atty. Aris is yearning for expounding his irresistible feelings for her, but the moon confidently covers his cool body, aloud voice," Mia, I'll be meeting you again," he said. And then, Mia sadly stares at the shining moon which has gradually gone to her eyesight. That time, too early the rain falls down the ground, her mind is getting befuddled.Such time, Stephen moderately glances at the dawn which begins to reach the small house. His eyes seem perfectly attaching to the dry tears that fall down to his cool arms together with the plain t-shirt which Clench usually wear. And echo " you should marry me because you've been getting my virginity since the sunset had gone between us," he is quickly running away from the cool house. His eyes are loudly glancing at
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Chapter 6 rainy wedding
Much light appears out from Atty. Aris' heart, clutching at his girlfriend who keep trembling her body, what she always puts to her pearly mind that Clench might click to her side. Although her boyfriend promises to save her life at all times, she is not sure if the awesome lawyer might be staying by her side.Too hot attaching at Mia's body when Atty. Aris keeps on hugging her, though she usually disliked him before, but it was eventually transformed into pure love which couldn't be bought anywhere.Such times, Stephen never takes his sweet night off unless he can ultimately decide what must be the best way exclusively for Mia's heart. He craves to approach the gleaming stars, just to ask for further help, however the night is too dark which perfectly scatters the entire world.That night, Atty. Aris unintentionally takes his night off beside his girlfriend. He did not have an intention to get her virginity unless the nuptials would have happened. His girlfriend keeps on watching him
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Chapter 7 Icy covers Mia and Stephen’s body  
Too cool inside the room which makes Mia's body continually take longer to sleep in the bed. Meanwhile, Stephen smells how sweet the girl is! Instead of leaving the hot room, his body feels enticed to take his hot night with him. He quickly removes his t-shirt, just to express how it is! However, he feels awkward touching her body, then many clouds reflect to his silver eyes. He aptly shifts to the next floor, just to turn on the light, but his feet feel icy, indeed he could no longer move forward anymore, except attaching his hands for her.Several clouds fall down to the hotel together with the awesome guy, while Clench is still getting furious waiting for her honey, she would not go back to her mansion, unless Stephen may drive her car for him.Laying down in the bed with the invisible guy, Mia's shoulder romantically moves it. Her pupil expects that Aris is staying to her side. Indeed, her nose lovely whiffs about how sweet his arm is! She would be willing to give her a perfect ni
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Chapter 8 Atty. Aris brings his mommy to the island
The dazzling star begins to depart the sky, indeed every side looks dark where Aris would stare at. His body is still waiting on the ground, he might leave here unless the sky would carry his body to the moon.When the sunrise materializes its hot light above the mountain; a splendid song which plays by the sun exclusively for him. His mind remembers the beautiful song which had sung from his mother. He is swiftly departing the green ground, just to search for her. Immediately, he leaves the green grasses, just to go back to the place where he had lived before, even though his heart still wants to attach at Mia's heart, but he wishes that the moon and star might carry Mia's body for him.It takes 24 nights looking for his mommy in the universe, however he never glimpses at her. So, he goes to the supreme court, just to check if the head has already replaced his position.He silently pulls the door, a yell enters to his golden heart," finally, you're back in the court, the people are i
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Chapter 9 Rainbow turns its image to Mia
Too hurt listening the enticing guy who utters his statement exclusively for Clench, it might push her body and spirit to the other planet; indeed, her heart is getting bloody whether the precious wind might attach it, she would no longer feel awesome to her night, her mouth craves to say goodbye to the handsome guy for him , but her brain realized to go back his life sometime.It's still nice to stay in the garden, especially when the moon attaches to the flower which makes Stephen's heart adorable, despite the hurt that she feels for Mia. He feels conscience looking around, especially when Clench has gone, he wants to ask for an apology for what he utters to his huge mouth. After a while, the rain falls down to the entire garden, what his body feels, Mia touches her tears, indeed wherever he gazes at, his eyes incredibly glimpse her. In a loud," honey, come on, I want to take my pleasure night with you," then, the dark takes the whole garden, what he only hears, a thick hand clenche
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Chapter 10 Aris gives his sweet kiss for her
Too much heat hitting the mansion, it might lead to burning, Clench lets the thunder to depart the place, but her heart knows how essential it is to have such things. In front of her, the thunder reveals its intention to visit her," I wouldn't you to cry, maybe it takes thousand nights to pursue Stephen's heart," then the thunder further tells him," I might be pushing my hot light to Mia's eyes," then, its image has immediately gone, but still too loud clenching to the whole universe which ultimately reach the deep part of ocean. Indeed, Mia holds out her hands attaching the hot guy who romantically touches her t-shirt. It's too awkward shifting her feet to the soil," baby, don't be anxious hearing the thunder, my hands are willing to cover it for you," then Mia stares at him again," how blissful to have you in my life baby! But I am still not sure, if I will be your suited girl in heart," it is too thick to move forward Aris's hands, it seems like his heart is hiding for something. I
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