Lighting Is The Only Way

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Lighting Is The Only Way

By: Yuzhou OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The struggle of survival and not knowing the outcome. Not predictable at all. When the destiny of the entire human race hangs in the balance, the prize for survivors will be Thenardier itself.

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6 chapters
Ready arms
SERGEI OCCUPIED WEEDYIANEAR HERENAEthan stumbled over yet another tree root. “Shit,” he muttered, almost dropping his spear. “Fucking goat tracks. We should build proper roads out here.”Beside him, Ostolaza snorted. “Nah. Waste of time.”“How d’you reckon?”“Because there’s nothing out here worth building a road to?”“That’s not true.” Ethan wiped away a bead of sweat as it ran down his nose. “And it’d make our lives easier at times like this, wouldn’t it?”“Times like this happen once a year, mate. Not worth the effort.”“Oh I dunno,” said Ethan, peering into the forest. Northern trees were something else. Harder than iron, knitted tighter than a shield wall, and with twisty little pathways and hidden alcoves that harboured all manner of threats. He shivered. And it was cold in the woods, too. Far colder than seemed natural. “Reckon some decent roads would improve things no end.”Ostolaza shrugged again. “Nah. Lot o’ work for no real gain.”“Well it wouldn’t hurt to thin all this
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My Lord
LORD ELRONDTHE SERGEI 5th ARMYSERGEI OCCUPIED WEEDYIANEAR GILLENDUMElrond watched men loading the last of the portable battlements onto wagons. The bustling wooden citadel of the previous night was gone, replaced by an expanse of churned soil the colour of shit. It had been a decent grazing paddock until yesterday, but now there wasn’t a patch of green as far as a man could fire an arrow. He’d seen it all a hundred times before, of course, but somehow his almost child-like sense of wonder at the spectacle never waned. Only Sergeis and their allies sheltered in huge mobile fortresses. Other peoples looked on with envy, for they either didn’t know how to build them or couldn’t make them work. Not that the Sergeis truly needed such things: no had bested their field armies in over a generation. Small wonder they had the world by the balls.The rattle and stomp of spearmen broke his reverie. Sergei main-forcers were pushing forward, a column of purple and steel that went on for a mile
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BETHELTHE UNIVERSITY OF GERICH ASSET RECOVERY TEAMEASTERN RENDEROSThey’d been trudging through the seemingly endless rocky knolls for a few weeks, but to Bethel it felt more like years. To say it was hard country was an understatement. He longed to see civilisation again, even if it came in the form of a few crude huts butted up against one another. Because as far as he could make out, that was about as civilised as Renderos got. Still, it was better than nothing.At least their journey hadn’t been without its highlights. They were travelling through a wild land unchanged by the passage of centuries. He couldn’t find half the villages they’d visited on any of his maps, and their inhabitants were fascinating, if backward. The great wide open in between was harsh, but it was also starkly beautiful. Everyone had marvelled, many times, at the mysterious flickering lights in the night sky that were neither stars nor meteors. And no one would ever forget the sweet, clear water from the s
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ROSEVANIASERGEEVATHE BASTIONYour first time in the Hole was the worst, or so everyone said. It certainly wasn’t Rosevania’s idea of a good time. The floor was covered in shit, which made him retch, and it was too dark to see anything. The shackles on his wrists fixed his arms to the ceiling, which was also so low he couldn’t stand up straight. He sweated as he struggled to free himself, but succeeded only in tiring himself out. The key to getting through this, he thought, was to relax.Relaxing didn’t work. He felt around in the gloom with his feet, but there was nothing to sit on or lean against. Gods, but it was impossible to get comfortable. If he let his wrists take his weight, the shackles dug into his skin and the pain forced him back up. But stooping made his back ache. If he tried crouching to relieve the pressure, the burning in his thighs eventually forced him back to his original position. Cycling between crouching and standing didn’t work, either–there was simply no res
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ETHANSERGEI OCCUPIED WEEDYIAHERENAIt was dark in the barracks, and Ethan perched on his mattress, hoping that his comrades were asleep. He took a deep breath, then crept over to where Ostolaza lay snoring and put a hand under his pillow. It was a long while before his fingertips brushed against the man’s coin purse, during which he ran the gamut of fear, sorrow, disappointment, anger and joy.Fear, because he was terrified of being caught. Stealing from a fellow soldier carried a penalty of fifty lashes and branding with a hot iron. Few survived the ordeal.Sorrow, because Ostolaza would soon figure out who’d taken his money. They were friends, and the guilt would stay with him for a long time. Perhaps forever.Disappointment, because his behaviour was out of character. His mother hadn’t raised him to be a petty criminal, had she? Apparently, yes.Anger, because of what had happened in the forest. Nightmares troubled him ever since, and he was loath to spend another day in the comp
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BETHELEASTERN RENDEROSNot wanting to be anywhere near Khela for a while, Bethel left camp with the last of the outgoing riders. He rode angrily for the first few miles, but the more distance he put between them, the better he began to feel. Fuck her, he thought, sucking in a fresh lungful of cold Renderosi air. While he probably did deserve some pushback for the way he’d carried on back there, she really had no call to insult him for the size of his penis.He followed the soldier in front of him. Wherever the fuck they were, it was shrouded by fog. He was glad he wasn’t in charge of navigating. Through a wall of dead grass taller than his horse, he saw the outline of thatched rooves. A village, maybe? He hoped the inhabitants had the sense to stay at home. Sometimes they got curious and tagged along, and Tonneson’s lot didn’t like that. Standing orders were to warn the locals off, but if they refused, to give them steel. Nothing could get in the way of their mission.Though he didn’
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