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Teenager Revenge Paranormal
Anna was a typewriter that wanted to write a script for movies. One day, her typewriter stopped working and she needed a typewriter to submit the script to her editor. So she finally took out her dead father type writer. She felt in this way,she will be connected to her father as well. But as she starts typing, her head was heavy—the typewriter was hunted and the ghost who was linked to the typewriter was freed.
Sensitive Soldier Gang
Neche Felix
Kyrian, a young and promising child witnessed how the MK (merciless killers) murdered his parents and even continued to hunt him until he got separated from the man that took him in after his parent's death. He was finally adopted by an Army officer who gave him the life he wanted and encouraged him in his pursuit to become an officer of the law. When Kyrian became an officer, he got access to the past and present files and got details relating to his parents which the police hid from him 25 years ago gradually he began to unveil the truth and the case started to unfold. the more Kyrian discovered the truth the more he was shocked by some of the leaked secrets The evil ones are usually closer than we think.
Nobody will Survive
Crime Brave Intelligent
Calvin's life is changed one horrible night when he loses both his parents to murder at their home. His parents murders are still out in the world and they are looking for him to get what they wanted from his father but failed to achieve, which they plan to get through him. Calvin promises to get revenge on his parents death and the people responsible, he doesn't know that a life of crime, violence, betrayal and heart ache await for him on the other side. Would he achieve his revenge?