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Imitation of Life
Humor Crime Intelligent
Joshua Mulligan's services are needed when a local is discovered murdered in his home. During the investigation, the detective discovers the victim's laptop and begins the pry. His findings are shockingly similar to the life of the man in question, and also open the doors to more astonishing discovers and inevitable danger.
 Mysteries Of The Ghostly Archipelago
Brave Detective Protective
Synopsis/Blurb In the fog-shrouded early 1900s, former detective Thomas Blackwood receives a distressing letter from his estranged brother, Elijah, beckoning him to the enigmatic Shadow Isle. Determined to uncover the truth behind his brother's plea, Thomas embarks on a perilous journey to the Ghostly Archipelago, accompanied by his steadfast assistant, Amelia West, and the weathered Captain Jonathan Pike. Upon their arrival, they encounter the sinister Marcus Graves, a wealthy landowner with a chilling hold over the island and its inhabitants. Despite warnings to leave, Thomas presses on, driven by a thirst for redemption and justice. As Thomas delves into the island's murky past, he uncovers a web of secrets and lies, each revelation bringing him closer to the truth—and closer to danger. Haunted by visions of his brother and tormented by the restless spirits that roam the island, Thomas races against time to unravel the mysteries of the Ghostly Archipelago. But as tensions rise and alliances are tested, Thomas realizes that nothing is as it seems on Shadow Isle. Beneath the surface of deception and darkness lies a truth more sinister than he could have ever imagined—one that threatens to consume him and all who dare to uncover it. In a pulse-pounding showdown on the windswept cliffs of Shadow Isle, Thomas must confront Marcus Graves and the malevolent forces that seek to destroy him. With the help of Amelia and his newfound allies, Thomas must face his own demons and confront the ghosts of his past if he is to survive the mysteries of the Ghostly Archipelago.
Tragedy Crime Manipulative
A few months before Emily turns 18, her father dies. She goes to Baguio to live with her mother, her stepfather Miguel, and her half-brother Migo. Emily misses her father terribly that she finds it hard to fit into her new home, despite her mother's sympathetic efforts and her half-brother's irresistible cuteness. Good thing, Emily seems to be friendly enough to have made new pals, like Denver, who, it turns out, sees her as more than a friend. Then Emily meets a mysterious young man who suddenly appears and disappears; and he's always dressed in black leather jacket and denim pants whom she gets to know as Lance Monroe. Emily is smitten by Lance's romantic gestures and protective ways. He teaches her to play the piano, and brings her roses, and he even rescues her from bad guys, and helps her overcome her fears. She feels she has found in Lance her knight in shining armor who will rescue her from her incurable loneliness and deathly sadness. But Emily's family and friends are alarmed that she has become secluded and deluded in her own imaginary world. In the end, she has to decide what matters most to her and where her heart truly is.