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Strong Mage Assassins
Werewolf Alternate Universe Badboy
In the deep wilds of secrets, there was a hidden world between Nexus and Ethereal the Krea. The world of Krea was built in the seasons of crystal keys. There is a shrine cut into the mountainside. The forest covers these shrines like a shroud. This is a quiet world, but the shrine of the Lycan is quieter still. Dragons and other creatures keep away from the place. From the different sides of the Kingdom of Krea. Suddenly, the five gods had awakened, as had the tribe of Lycan. They hear the loud ringing bell of Krea, and after that, the lightning strikes loudly in the cage of the crystal key under the gold handkerchief. There’s one of the gods who stole the crystal key from Zeno, the infinity god of the Krea.
The Missing Son of A Conglomerate
Billionaire Dominant Powerful
Julian Montague, a child adopted by the Kingsley family. At the age of 18, Julian was married off by Sebastian Kingsley to his youngest child, Aurora Kingsley. In their third year of marriage, Julian and Aurora did not have any children. Julian worked odd jobs as a waiter at one of the Kingsley family's resorts. Isadora, Aurora's sister, and Felicity, Aurora's mother, strongly dislike Julian. They force Aurora to divorce Julian. However, who would have thought that Julian was one of the conglomerate's children who had been missing since childhood.
System Upgrade Betrayal
Anakin Detour
“Look here everyone! This poor wretched man brought his disabled sister here to beg for some money, come on let's contribute for these poor freaks” Tyler shouted attracting the customers as they all laughed and started taking pictures of Ava. “No matter what you do, she'll never be as normal as other kids, that's just a curse running through your bloodline.” “You made my sister cry!” Dexter's expression darkened. This was the one thing Dexter would never tolerate, insulting his sister. He looked at Ava's once happy face now filled with tears and sadness. “Who cares. I…” Dexter punched the grin out of Tyler's face. shutting him up from uttering more nonsense. Immediately Tyler felt his bone structure around his face cracked. *** Dexter Pembroke, a poor and a weakling, an orphan. He was the weakest Mage in existence, betrayed by his girlfriend, bullied by his colleagues and almost beaten to death. But then when he thought he would die, he activated the GOD-KIND SYSTEM which gave him the ability to keep LEVELING till INFINITY. Now all he cares about was to be at the top and protect his crippled sister at all cost!
Return Of The Heir
Campus CEO Billionaire
Being a student in HQ university is the most amazing thing that ever happened to Richard. The school is an elite school filled with spoilt rich kids who are from prominent backgrounds. Richard got into the university through scholarship and the students found out. He became an object of ridicule and he faced humiliation and embarrassment everyday. No day passes by without him being bullied. He was on the verge of it all when a crazy prank was pulled on him and sent him to jail while his girlfriend also left him for Scott Amsterdale,the richest heir in the school. He vowed to get his revenge anyhow possible. Seems God heard his prayers,he got to his hostel and found a Lamborghini venono parked outside and a man cladded in suit came down. "My son. I've found you. I've finally found you." The man hugged Richard. The heir would return and face so many obstacle from family and friends who never wanted him alive.
The Reborn Son Inlaw: From Failure To Triumph
Rich Powerful face smacking
Zee Cyril
Rhys, a live in son in law of the Roberts family is unable to make it to the birthday celebration of his grandmother-in-law. Why? He had a very strange accident; He was supposed to try and get a gift under the pouring rain under the request of his wife, one minute he was crossing the road, the next, he saw a blue orb flash before his eyes before a car rams into him. He passes out by the side of the road, when he wakes up, he assumed that years had passed before his eyes, meanwhile it was just an hour. He returned to the birthday celebration with a broken present earning the wrath of his mother in law, wife and all that were present in the party. Leaving just a few words, he returns home under the pouring rain. When he got home, he discovered a blue orb brand on his left wrist. As he touched it to investigate, he appeared in a interdimensional space where a golden book was floating. Curiosity made him touch it, a searing pain overwhelmed his mind, causing him to pass out. As he woke up, he noticed that he had awakened the memories of a medicine god and a martial artist, returning to the interdimensional space; it was no longer empty but filled with rare herbs, books and weapon that would change the life of an ordinary man. A few days later, he had a completely different identity, he was no longer a live in son in law but also the young master of one of the most prominent families in the country. … follow Rhys as he trains himself and uses his enemies as his stepping stone to success.
Sparks Of Hatred
Teenager Intelligent Detective
Hilda died horribly in a room at Starlight High School during a very lively party. No one knew who had murdered the poor girl. Did one of Hilda's friends hold a grudge and kill her? Or was this an abstract murder committed by a heartless and empathetic human being? But one thing is for sure: before Hilda died, she had a big and very dangerous secret. She took that secret with her to her death, and no one knows what it is, at least for now, until a detective investigates the unfortunate incident and discovers something that no one expected and never thought possible.
The Comeback : Of The Betrayed Heir!
Tragedy Billionaire Drama
Damian is a dishwasher and servant to a grumpy and fat old man. Every day Damian will always be insulted and humiliated he is always wrong in the eyes of his master's friends who are middle class and think they are the richest. This incident happened because he had amnesia and had lost his way, but in the end, he remembered who he was, who was an influential young exclusive director in a company owned by his parents. It's just that not long after he was there, circumstances forced him to return to being the Young Master of the Moorsley Family, because he discovered his aunt's family and his cousin, even his fiancée, Rose, betrayed him. They intend to take over the company today and destroy his family until he finally returns and destroys them all in revenge!
System Intelligent Superpower
Science has failed to explain the deep nature of reality. Although it surprises us every day with new amazing discoveries, which make life more pleasant, it ignores the real basis of our existence. Reductionist commitment to materialism has never been able to specify the nature of the spirit or justify its decisive nature in the great transformations that the world is undergoing. Why does the ambition of an enlightened person provoke a war that ends millions of lives or does the word of a prophet radically change the future of a society? Nor has he found the material mechanisms of Physics. Existence is guided by mathematical equations that act as laws that must be complied with by Nature, but no one knows why they are obeyed. We do not know how information can travel through the universe faster than light, or what energy is or how it is transformed. Even the Big Bang is uncertain because it breaks the law of energy conservation and our inability to create life in the laboratory remains surprising. A group of researchers, led by Dr Hermann Weber, are carrying out a project on human reality. The project takes them to a holographic matrix of base 666. In this base diversity is manifested, but there is also a form of connection with unity, that is, with the projection point. 666 Project, is an experiment of the creative demiurge. Ends the sidereal cycle
Shadows Of Deception.
Brave Gang Dark
De. Mindlighter
The reason for which Sarah always wanted to divorce Jack was known to only herself. She holds a secret with a particular occultic society called,”The Collective”. The secret society threatens to kill her. The sudden disappearance of Sarah causes tension and it was surprises to many people Jack and Emily find something scary when they start to look for Sara - they discover this secret group that is doing bad things. As they search deeper into the dark side of reality, they find out something surprising: Sarah, who everyone thought was dead, is alive. And she's not alone. Jack and Emily have to deal with lies, betrayal, and strange powers in a dangerous world. Can they figure out the lies before they get hurt? Because nothing is clear and the truth might be the most dangerous lie. Sarah revealed the secret she has been hiding all along.
Hunting For Money System
Obsession Hunter character growth
Black Unicorn
Leon Durand thinks his life is perfect, with a beautiful wife who loves him dearly. On their first anniversary, he decides to surprise his wife, Sofia, with a gift. But instead of Sofia being surprised by his gift, he is surprised by his wife's infidelity.Sofia prefers Ian Willis, a manager in a big company, to him, who is just a construction worker. Leon leaves devastated when he learns the truth. But while travelling, he suddenly finds himself in a dungeon. He is trapped in a system that requires him to hunt the strange creatures inside. His life changes drastically when he finds out that he has won a reward for the hunt. In fact, he was able to get what he had only wanted all along. Cars, houses, money, and businesses. Leon is already above the clouds; his ex-wife means nothing to him anymore.