New home

Simon was busy staring at the environment, the trees, the walls were different from what he has seen. “Wow are we staying here” christabel looked at Sam. “Yes, this is our home” Sam smiles has the gate opens. There were staffs waiting for them. They came for the baggage, but couldn't find any. "Master" the chief staffs ran to him. Sam has never been here before, it is his father secret properties which is now his. He took christabel hands, “call me Samuel” he told the chief staffs. They entered. "This is paradise" Anita looks around. Simon tight his face trying to hold his joy. The trees were all green. "This is beautiful" Mrs. Smith stares at every corner. They soon reach the car packed at the roadside, they entered, 20 minutes drive before they finally reaching the main building. staffs were waiting there too. They opened the door and Sam and his new family entered. The house was big beautiful, it was a royal stylist design.

few moments later after the first meal was served, the f
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