Chapter 1470 Is Shirley in Love?

The next day, Ronaldo and Octavio don't quite understand Jack's decision not to pursue his artistic career on TV.

Gathered around the table for breakfast, Jack explains, “I'm still getting used to the camera flashes. My dream was to be a novelist, guys!”

“You can write your books in your spare time.” Octavio asserts, “It was a golden opportunity, little brother.”

“It certainly won't be the only one.” Jack smiles confidently, “I know LCN won't give up on me.”

“That's what you say, son.” Ronaldo congratulates him, “That's why you have the opportunity to join an acting school so that no one says you don't have natural talent.”

“I'm going to start looking today.” Jack takes a sip of coffee.


Shirley is standing in front of the radio playing “Endless Love,” a version by Luther Vandross & Mariah Carey. Francisco's visit left her like that, rocked and in love like a teenager.

Daryl and Kelvin see her, dreaming.

“Mother, have you seen cherubs?” Daryl asks worriedly.

Shirley disguises, “
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