Secretly The Quadrillionaire's Heir

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Secretly The Quadrillionaire's Heir

By: Viki West OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Felix Drake grew up in an orphanage home, where he was always maltreated and insulted by his peers. He got married to a family where he received the worse treatment of his life always insulted and beaten by his in laws. His wife cheated on him because of his status, which made him feel devastated that the one he loved betrayed him. But one day, he found his real identity...and he will make all who looked down upon regret.

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  • anna sexton


    I'm sorry to hear that you are sick. I'm glad you are feeling better. I'm also glad you are going to update this book. HAPPY GETTING BETTER, AND THANK YOU !!!!!!!!

    2023-03-26 06:33:03
  • Singwithme


    most interesting and exciting book I have ever read, nice plot twists, flow of chapters, following this book to the end!.

    2023-03-24 01:00:20
  • Dragon Sly


    I'm here to show my support friend. Nice book everyone check it out ......

    2023-03-02 16:10:00
  • Kevin


    Did you see he isn’t coming back?

    2023-02-28 05:51:18
  • Jordan Mcleod


    I'm so interested and invested in this book. I hope more chapters come soon. can't wait!!

    2023-02-21 16:30:32
  • Lameck Makwinja


    Good work keep it up

    2023-02-20 04:00:45
  • Hakeem Benjamin


    good plot lines

    2023-02-19 22:11:31
  • Mark Joseph Arvesu


    wala bang tagalog nito

    2023-02-18 19:49:21
  • Hj Zalizan


    After reading 10 chapters.....A good story line which makes the readers can't stop reading....interesting & enjoyable story....

    2023-02-06 01:00:17
  • Herminio Roc


    Very nice story, so exciting……............

    2023-01-14 06:38:47
  • Northernlights Gou


    just starting this book I hope it is not a drag out book 500 Chapters is great

    2023-04-17 08:24:52
  • Jollyver Basbas


    when was the last time this was updated?

    2023-09-29 19:51:47
  • Analyn Bermoy


    Guys, the author was on vacation and didn't coming back

    2023-02-24 15:28:37
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191 chapters
Chapter 1
"Oh my! It seems the loser husband is finally here" Meq said as she saw him coming back from the pharmacy where she sent him to buy drugs for her baby. "What the fuck took you so long?, Huh?" Meq asked as her Child was in her hands. "Meq..." Felix called in a low voice "Don't Meq me you bastard!, I just hate the sight of you, a loser like you shouldn't have been born! Gosh" Meq cussed out Felix stood and watched his wife yelling and insulting him, he surpressed the anger in him and just wondered the changes in her. She automatically changed her behavior towards him for the past months. Before her recent changed behavior they do interact, share things in common apart from physical touch but now meq has turned into something unexplainable. She rolled her eyes and took the drugs from his hands, she stretched her hands with the baby in her hands as she handed over the baby to him. "Meq, We need to talk" she scoffed " Talk about what? With who? You of all people? " She said sca
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Chapter 2
"Good morning, ma" Felix bowed with his head low, and his hands were crossed on his laps.He wondered what he had done this time around. She shot a dirty stare and rolled her eyes."This grocery was ordered by the catering department of A.X. corporation; that's where my daughter works; do handle it with care."Felix nodded and breathed out, 'thank goodness he didn't do anything wrong.'Besides, if he went there he was surely going to meet his love— Meq. He could also make up for annoying her the other day by buying her a present. "And how is Dice doing?" Kate asked, returning back to her seat."He is fine, ma; do trust me on that," Felix smiled as Kate scoffed.After all, Felix was good at what he was doing, so she could trust him in that aspect.He took his bike and off he went to the company; when he reached there, he parked his bike, untied the package, and took it in his hands.He was going into the main building when he was stopped by the security guards."Hey, leave these premis
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Chapter 3
It's been 10 years since he left the orphanage home just so he could start up a business or find a job. That was when he met Redds Carlos, on his way to get a job. He started working for him in the store and at home, even though he never received any income. The only benefit he got was squatting in their house and nothing more. The next minute, he was asked to marry his daughter to save her reputation. At the end, all he received for his good deeds were betrayal. He sighed, went back home, dressed up, took his bike and started it, heading towards the orphanage home that was located at the countryside. The crazy moments he had in the orphanage home kept flooding through his mind as he drove. Even at the orphanage, he was still unlucky; being one of the feeble children that was easily bullied and looked down on. All he knew about himself was that dropped at the orphanage when he was barely six years old. He couldn't recall a thing about his life before that. The only thing he had w
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Chapter 4
The old man, dressed in an exclusive Louis Vuitton suit which costs $500,000 had an imposing aura as he walked up to them. "It's Kimber Kim!" A young lady shouted. The rest of them quickly snapped out of their daze and began bowing their heads for him as he approached them. "Mark, look it's Kimber Kim" Karl said as he and Mark rushed to his front and laid down flat in front of him. "The king of our city! We are fortunate to see you, Master!" Kimber Kim— the owner of Limbed CO, Hess Power CO and Harriboard Corporation, the largest enterprises in the city. He was the top-notch richest Quadrillionaire in MoperVille City, feared, respected and honoured by all big politicians and other rich people under him. Even the government couldn't say no to his order. He wasn't the type to appear at open places so it was only a few rich people that could ever set their eyes on him. Yet here they were, seeing the Legend on a platter of gold! Two of the bulky guards stepped forward and dragged
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Chapter 5
Felix who was already through with bathing, heard her voice but ignored what she said. In fact, he pretended not to have heard anything. "Hey, dickhole! Have you gone suddenly deaf?!" She growled from her room but there was still no response from him. "Someone needs to put this harlot in her place, I'm no longer her pathetic slave," he said within him and smirked. Left with no choice, Meq took Dice and pet him until he slept. She looked very angry and was surprised at his behavior. How dare he ignore her? She put her baby in the baby's cot, then went downstairs to his room and started insulting him. "What the heck has gotten into you? Or were you not the one I was talking to? Huh?! Don't think too highly of yourself cause you're just a wretched poor thing that I took from the dustbins!" "Huh? Were you speaking to me or speaking to some ghosts?" He looked around the room, sardonically. The response alone shook her hard not to talk of the sarcastic gaze he threw at her. She fur
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Chapter 6
By the time he got home, it was late in the evening. And as expected, Meq Carlos was never around. He took a shower and did the honour of taking care of the baby. Inasmuch as he wanted to ignore the child, Dice didn't have anything to do with his problems. He just had the worst luck, being born to a mother like Meq.Just as he was about to get his good-evening-sleep and recover from the shock he received today, a loud roar stopped him."FELIX!!!" Sigh... Oh, damn. It was none other than Kate, his so-called mother-in-law. He walked into the living, and met Kate painting her nails. Typical Kate Carlos."You called for me, ma," Felix said in a casual tone, his hands tucked into his pockets.Kate looked up and saw his behavior. Their eyes met but Felix kept staring into her eyes. There was something different from Felix today. Before, he couldn't even stand in front of her without looking down but now, he was looking directly into her eyes which he was afraid of doing for a very long
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Chapter 7
The next day, Felix watched as his so-called mother-in-law prepared to go to the grocery store while Meq was almost done preparing for work , just having her breakfast. He was almost done with getting ready for work as he was preparing breakfast for Dice in the kitchen, Kate began to yell out his name." Felix, you bastard!" Kate yelled his name again and felix rushed to the living room.There, he saw Kate was sitting on the couch with Dice. "Good morning ma" he greeted and turned to the Meq "good morning great wife." She ignored him like she didn't hear a thing then ordered, "go get me my bag from my room." He nodded and went to bring it for her."Gosh, he irritates me like damn" Meq said seeing him going to bring her bag He came back and handed the bag over to her "Hope you didn't steal anything from my bag because what's in there cost more than your miserable life" . Felix sighed and ignored her then turned back to Face Kate."Mummy I will be off to work, dear l
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Chapter 8
Felix opened the door to the CEO office and met Kimber Kim. Kimber Kim was on the couch with a laptop on his laps and it seemed like he was just surfing the net. As soon as he saw Felix's face, Kimber Kim's face brightened up as he dropped the laptop on the couch and stood up. "Hey Felix, how is my boy doing?" The old man beamed. "Am good dad," Felix smiled. Kimber Kim signalled him to sit beside him on the couch and he did so. After settling down, Kimber Kim thoughtfully asked, "So which department are you going to work in?" " Just want to intern in the finance department of the company." "That will be better, you need to stay undercover to avoid taking unnecessary risks." " Yeah, dad. So, I will officially begin it today?" Felix asked. " Yes son. But... Be careful Felix," Kimber Kim said, caring like a father. Felix smiled seeing the look in his eyes. "I got that dad. So, I will get going." Kimber Kim nodded. Felix left his office and went to the accounting department.H
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Chapter 9
Kimber Kim brought out the documents inside the bag and flipped through the pages. Lo and behold it was the company's confidential files. It included most of the important details of transactions between them and other companies, and some more... "My oh my! Mr Fred Meyer!" Kimber Kim exclaimed. Fred was about to run when the guards held him and pushed him down to Kimber Kim's feet."Trying to outsmart me?" * Felix already knew that his suspicions were right. "Let's get him thrown out and forbidden from stepping into this company ever again." Felix communicated with Kimber Kim through the airpod in their ears.Kimber Kim turned to Fred and instantly hit him on his face and grabbed him tightly by his hair. "You bloody thief! You have the guts to steal such important documents and dare to fool me? You are leaving this company now!" Kimber Kim's cold words made Fred burst into tears as he held his legs and began pleading.* Felix stood in the corner and smirked. "I never knew my w
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Chapter 10
"What a pleasant surprise! I never knew you it'll be you again... Fred." Fred, the one in black, was extremely stupefied on seeing Felix. On the other hand, Kimber Kim's lips curved upwards a bit. 'Such a grand entrance! Keep it up boy!' It took Fred a minute to process the whole situation before he began laughing again."How can a houseboy from nowhere claim that he is the heir to a powerful empire? What the heck is wrong with this motherfucker?"Felix scoffed. Walking towards them, he said, "You don't seem to believe me... Mr Fred Meyer?""Are you crazy? Who will believe a dummy like you who can't take proper care of his wife? Or.. oh... Let's say she is the one taking care of you! Of course you are a bastard with no future. Who knows, maybe you drank a lot of cheap alcohol today!" Kimber Kim was no longer calm again. Who did this idiot think he was to degrade his heir?!Immediately, he flared up, roaring, "how dare you talk to my own son that way?! Do you have a death w
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