Chapter 1771 Why Does It Have to Be You?

At the police station, Amoreira is enjoying another issue of Maggiezine while propping his feet up on his desk. Ivan enters the office and finds it strange to spot the detective like that.

“What is this, Amoreira? Are you following the episode's summary of 'Sweet Love'?”

Amoreira is not offended and straightens up in his chair, “Well, if I can't follow the program live, I have to resort to the summaries. But that's not just why I have fun with the magazine.”

Ivan shoots the detective a suspicious gaze, “OK, if you say so... I need you to get busy with a case.”

“What happened?” Amoreira is even more interested.

“Renan Vasconcelos drew attention to the fact that Josias Rocha was greatly benefited by the death of loan shark José Augusto Rios, in 1984. Somehow he insinuated that Josias was not the only beneficiary...”

Amoreira revolts, “Are you saying that the bandit accused Mr. Rocha of taking justice into his own hands?”

“That's basically it,” Ivan responds cautiously.

“This is nonsense
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